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Swindon Powertrain is delighted to announce its appointment as a Bosch Motorsport authorised dealer for their extensive product range of high-performance electronic systems and electrical components.

Swindon becomes a Bosch Motorsport dealer in the UK with extensive powertrain capabilities and experience in the field of direct injection turbocharged engines, one reason for the appointment and one that Bosch Engineering believes will lead to a far greater use of their world-leading products across the UK high-performance sector.

Best known for its successes in Touring Cars over the past four decades, Swindon Powertrain also has a longstanding history of supporting organisations in a range of motorsport series, such as GT racing and rallying, as well as OEMs and development projects.

With such a history of supplying top-quality products and services to the industry, Swindon views this appointment by Bosch as recognition of its ability to provide world-class technical expertise and customer support to the racing fraternity.

Raphael Caille, Managing Director of Swindon Powertrain, said: “We are delighted to have been selected by Bosch Engineering to support their Motorsport business in the UK and look forward to a long and successful partnership.

“As motorsport moves towards the use of more production engine sensors and actuators and with the majority of OEM engines now using Bosch products, there is a huge advantage for anyone wanting to develop a production engine for a special project to use Bosch control units.

“Having diversified our business into high-performance road car powertrain projects in recent years, we see this as an important strategic appointment that will continue to broaden and strengthen our business.”

Maxime Wurtz, UK Motorsport Manager of Bosch Engineering, added: “Bosch Motorsport’s strong reputation stems from our supply of electronic and engine components to Formula One, DTM and rallying over many years and with most production engines now using Bosch sensors and actuators, we are excited by the opportunity our partnership with Swindon Powertrain will deliver. We believe the alliance will cement Bosch’s commitment to supporting the motorsport centre of excellence in the UK.”

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