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Barely three weeks into 2016, and Baggsy headed out to Dubai to join his Nissan S13 comp car after shipping it out from the UK six weeks ago. A Royal Sheikh Palace Square, on the coast of the UAE is a pretty amazing place to kick off the 2016 season.

The race weekend would consist of two events rolled into one; the brand new ten-round King of Nations World Drift Championship, and the three-stop King of Desert Pro Series.

Baggsy: Despite a power disadvantage against the rest of the field, the car felt good and everything went pretty much according to plan. The guys in UAE really have stepped their game up in terms of power and we were blown away by the quality of engine builds we faced. The heat made the Westlake Sport RS tyres grip a lot more than they normally would back home in Europe, which is why we are working hard on more horsepower in the near future. We’ve got some really exciting options planned going forward. I can’t say too much just yet, but keep a watch out for announcements from my team and I in the next couple of weeks.

Baggsy: Our qualifying strategy was to put in a safe first run, and then go all out on the second. With the first qualifying run I pulled in 12th, but then in the second run, I literally got sun-screened. I was drifting directly into the sun. I looked up for a split second and was completely blinded. I lost track, and went off line. We scored a Zero for that unfortunately. The judges said that if I had made it around the final corner, the run would have been good enough to put me in either second or third.

Baggsy: The rest of the competition went well. I think we underestimated the quality of build and driving standard of the cars in the UAE. The power race game is unbelievable. The standard is 600 to 900bhp on average! Considering we are pulling 450bhp with our car, we will be doing all we can to push hard with our power levels before the next round.

Baggsy: It was awesome meeting all the other drivers and hanging out, and getting to battle against some of the UAE’s best. It’s an amazing part of the world! The people and scenery are fantastic. We can’t wait to head back out and see whats in store for us during the rest of our UAE tour.

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