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For sale on behalf of the widow of the owner – Shelby Ford Mustang GT350 1966 (1965) #SFM6S052

This is one of the 252 highly-desirable Shelby ‘Carry over’ cars built in advance in 1965 by Shelby American for the 1966 model year, so officially a 1966 model, but race homologated as a 1965 car.

These ‘Carry over’ models were made mechanically as a 1965 GT350 model and aesthetically as a 1966 model. The car has Shelby VIN number #SFM6S052, so is the 52nd car of the 252 1966 cars made in 1965.

The car was fully rebuilt between 2002 and 2004.

Work done by Lars-Goran Andersson and Hans-Erik Johansson. The car was completely disassembled, stripped of paint and rebuilt with great care to detail and weight. Repainted with original paint codes. Non-load or strength-bearing parts have been drilled or otherwise lightened. Exhaust system tailored for this car with sidepipes built and fitted. Two aluminium casings for fuel tanks – complete with pump-over feature to enable endurance racing – have been installed. Fogmaker fire suppression system installed, with two options: just engine compartment or engine compartment and driver’s cockpit.

The 289 engine built by the well-known Swedish V8 engine builder Pekka Nystrom, with 375bhp at the wheels. The engine was built for reliability and in total accordance with FIA regulations.

Weight: 1130kg, which is close to the homologation weight at 1100 kg. License built rollbar, prepared with an extra fuel tank for endurance racing and heated windscreen. Two carbon fibre bucket seats (very light), with Cobra emblem. Custom car cover with Shelby logo included.

Extensive documentation – including a lot of photos of everything worked on during this period and receipts for all parts purchased – come with the car.

Previous owners:
1: Richard Leuchner (Noank, CT) 9/66
2: Blue Ribbon Pontiac (Norwich, CT) `68
Larry Singleton (Campbell, CA)
Rod Krieger (Santa Clara, CA)
Bruce Bussert (San Jose, CA)
Edward Brian Woodbury (Goleta, CA)
Charles F. Warren (Palmdale, CA)
John Hugenholtz (Naarden, Netherlands)
Robert Manschot (Paradise Valley, AZ)
Douglas W. Johnson
Frank Sytner (Monaco)
Lars-Goran Andersson (Linneryd, SWE) (now owned by his wife Ann Andersson)

#SFM6S052 began its life in the United States as a road car and had seven owners, before it began its racing history in the 1980s.  The first to race it was Shelby Mustang enthusiast Richard Leuchner.

The well-known Dutch race car driver, John Hugenholtz purchased the car in 1986 and had it converted for vintage racing by renowned race car builders Ed Swart and Dave Drall.

Hugenholtz raced the car at Palm Springs 11/90 and at Laguna Seca. Robert Manschot purchased the car in 1996 and raced it in the Tour de France and the Tour Auto. Owned by historic race driver and car collector Frank Sytner until bought by Lars-Goran Andersson,  who purchased it through the famous racecar mechanic Simon Hadfield in 2004.

It has since been been carefully worked on to bring it back up to full FIA homologation spec and then raced in historic events at Scandinavian Raceway Anderstorp, Knutstorp Ring, Mantorp Ring, Valerbanen, Karlskoga Raceway, Kinnekulle Ring, Gellerasen and some others.

Lars-Goran Andersson raced it in the Racerhistoriska Klubbens (Swedish historic racing club) series and took part with the car in the following competitions in that series:
2007 – Gellerasen, Knutstorp Ring, Falkenberg
2008 – Kinnekulle, Knutstorp Ring, Vålerbanen (Norway)
2010 – Scandinavian Raceway Anderstorp, Knutstorp Ring, Falkenberg
2011 – Scandinavian Raceway Anderstorp
2012 – Scandinavian Raceway Anderstorp, Knutstorp Ring

Spare parts:
4 extra tires (Dunlop CR65) on 7×15″ American racing rims
2 extra tires without rims (used)
Extra race fuel tank (original lower cover)
Much of the original Shelby interior and trim
Extra leaf springs, rear (original?)
3″ stainless steel exhaust system
Extra differential
Extra flywheel
Fiberglass moulds for engine lid, front bumper, rear wings, headlamp
covers and more
Engine block (302ci)
4 spare brake discs (front)
Spare distributor (not FIA spec for ’65 historic racing)
…plus a lot more.

Also included (if desired) are all the parts replaced or removed for weight loss.

Offers over £99,000 are invited for this genuine Shelby Mustang GT350 with interesting history, which must be sold.

The best offer received by 18.00GMT on Sunday 8 May will buy the car.

For more information, please contact:
Mike Walters
Tel:  +44 (0) 7970 736644

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