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Gamble Manx Nat16dMark Gamble & Co-Driver; Steve Link, are tackling the Welsh Marches Mini Epynt Stages this weekend, with the aim to get some more positive millage after their sad ending on their last outing in the Isle of Man.

The Suzuki Swift pair are heading into this event after some mixed fortunes in the Isle of Man. Having set some great pace early on, leading the National B Rally by 36 seconds, as well as setting multiple top 5 stage times, it ended with a very unfortunate retirement, holing the radiator early on in the 2nd leg, meaning it wasn’t worth risking damaging the engine, trying to get to the end of the stage with no water.

The Pro Fence & Cusco backed driver is heading to Epynt with high hopes, despite having not competed there since 2010 where he drove a Citroen C2 R2 Max. But follwing a very positive start the new Swift, the whole team proved what the car is capabile of, and that it can be very competive against much higher powered machinery.

Mark’s comments:
“I would have ideally liked to have been able to do a recce, to be able to gain more confidence in the notes with us not knowing the place too well. Also due to work commitment’s I haven’t been able to do any testing, as i’d have liked to have had a play with the setup after the Manx, but we can work on this during the event instead. I am looking forward to being back over the ranges again. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there, and i’m looking forward to getting some more millage in the new car, and hopefully come out with a good result too and swap some times with the Epynt regulars.”

Gamble Manx Nat16cGamble & Link are seeded at number 19, and 2nd in their class, just behind Sam Davies in his Nova, and sitting just in front of tarmac championship regular; Matt Roberts in his Saxo.

There should be a great battle for the class honors, and the pair will be looking to see if they can tap into the top 10 overall and mix it with some of the Epynt regulars.

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