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It was time to load up and head out again for Baggsy. A 28 hour road trip across Europe to the small town of Máriapócs, Hungary. Under the blistering Eastern European sun, it was time to get gnarly on the black top of RabócsiRing for the 2016 Drift Allstars Championship Final. Armed with his ultimate weapon, Baggsy was ready to push the limits of his V8S13 to finish the season the way he started it.

From the start, the team knew that it would be a challenging event. Practice and qualifying would take place in broad daylight with 30 degree heat testing drivers and cars. Moving forward, the battles would take place at night, with minimal light and changing temperatures. After practice and dialling in the car setup, Baggsy took 11th place in the qualifying line up.

RabócsiRing is a challenging track at the best of times. Fast speeds, walls and surrounded by trees leaves you with low visibility on an unforgiving track that will suck you in and spit you out at any moment. The drivers were now stepping into the unknown. The battles would be fast and aggressive in next to pitch black lighting conditions, with sitting smoke in the air.

Baggsy fought his way through the Top 32 with his trademark style of all or nothing driving. He soon found himself on the start line paired up with current series reigning champion James Deane. It would all come down to this final battle, one of these drivers would find themselves standing on the top step of the 2016 Drift Allstars Final podium. It was the first time in competitive drifting that Baggsy and Deane would come against each other.

The mood was tense. After two action packed runs with both drivers pushing their limits, Baggsy would finish the season how he started, proudly holding the first place trophy high. Baggsy had put it all on the line and graced the top step once again.

Baggsy: It’s really amazing – I’m just so happy. This is what I imagine James Deane has felt like for the past five events. After everything that has happened, I’m just so happy to be here. Once I got to the final, the stress was gone; I was really able to enjoy the event.

James and I have never battled in competition before; he’s been incredible all season, but I felt like this was the opportunity to get the result I wanted. I knew the car was good enough; it was just a mental psych-out with myself in my head. I had to give it absolutely everything from the very start, and first initiation, because I knew if I gave him an inch he would get away. I threw everything I had in – it was so close on the entry that I thought I was going to hit him, but it all paid off. Dreams come true, and I’m standing on the top step of the Drift Allstars final.

Baggsy Hungary16aI want to say thank you to all my team; Rikki and Corbin; they’ve helped every step of the way and got me here – without them I wouldn’t have made it all the way out to Hungary for this event. Of course a very special thank you to all my sponsors for believing in me and keeping this dream alive!

Next stop for Baggsy is Forge Motorsport Action Day, Castle Combe – September 10th.

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