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– Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) rubs shoulders with royalty, as Prince William and wife Kate Middleton sample bespoke Mono supercar during a visit to the University of Manchester
– His Royal Highness Prince William sat inside the one-of-a-kind Mono, which was showcased at the University’s National Graphene Institute (NGI)
– BAC is the first car manufacturer in the world to use the innovative material graphene, which keeps the Mono’s weight as light as possible and provides a performance benefit to the driver
– BAC is proud of its British heritage; the Mono is built from 1,250 bespoke components from 100 suppliers – 95% of which are based in the UKbac-cambridge16a

The exemplary work of Liverpool-based Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has been given the royal seal of approval by their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

At the University of Manchester’s National Graphene Institute (NGI) on Friday 14 October, BAC founders Neill and Ian Briggs showcased their highly acclaimed Mono supercar to Prince William and wife Kate Middleton.

bac-cambridge16bHis Royal Highness Prince William even took to the cockpit of the British-built, single-seater Mono, which is constructed using the innovative and lightweight material graphene.

In fact, it’s the first car in the world to use graphene in the production process, with a composite making up the rear wheelarches and providing weight-saving and body-strengthening benefits.

BAC has enjoyed success all around the world and has exported its Mono supercar to 28 countries across five continents since its launch in 2011. Yet the brand remains proud of its British heritage and strives to use locally sourced parts in its production process.

The Mono is built from 1,250 unique components from 100 suppliers, 95% of which are based in BAC’s homeland. Naturally, this drew plenty of interest from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who were very impressed with the Mono and labelled it “amazing.”

BAC Co-Founder and Director of Product Development Neill Briggs said: “It was truly an honour to meet Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and a particular privilege to seat Prince William inside the Mono. We are incredibly proud to be British, and to meet members of the Royal Family was a surreal experience that just shows how far this company has come.”

Co-Founder and Design Director Ian Briggs added: “Impressing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with the Mono was another massive feat for BAC, as we continue to go from strength to strength. Using graphene is just one of the many groundbreaking innovations on the Mono to ensure we stay at the forefront of the automotive industry. Having Prince William sit in the car was a great experience – perhaps his grandmother fancies a go, too!”

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