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omologato-porsche-aOmologato are proud to announce a new event entitled ‘Chronos And Cars’ at Porsche Retail Group Headquarters in Reading on Sunday 6 November.

The unique partnership event offers car, camera and watch enthusiasts the opportunity to meet and discuss the things they love, whilst simultaneously engaging with the Porsche and Omologato brands.

A selection of Omologato watches including the Indianapolis, the recently released British Racing Green and many others will be on display and will remain in the showroom where members of the public will be able to purchase the watch after the event.

The event will also play host to a collection of outstanding headline cars including two Omologato-liveried Porsche Cayman GT4 Club Sports, a Porsche 918 and two Porsche Carrera GT’s.

Coffee’s and pastries will be served throughout and fans are encouraged to bring their own cars, watches and cameras to the event. If you are interested in attending, please register at: or follow the event on Twitter @ChronosAndCars whilst using the hashtag #ChronosAndCars.

omologato-porsche-bOmologato founder Shami Kalra said: “This has been a massive year for Omologato Watches and we want to continue our commitment to motorsport and most importantly the people who love our product.

Omologato prides itself on offering everyone a slice of motoring history and heritage.  With the motor racing season coming to a close, we want to celebrate the year with those who love cars, photography and most importantly watches! We are delighted to partner with Porsche Retail Group and we hope the success of this event will lead to many more meetings in the future.”

Porsche Retail Group Marketing Manager Simon Gardiner said: “Porsche and motorsport make an inseparable team. This is a great opportunity to bring Porsche and motorsport fans together. We here at Porsche Retail in Reading are proud to play host to a collection of sought-after sports cars and accessories. We are delighted to partner with Omologato for the Chronos And Cars event in November. Porsche always put fans first and this event offers the opportunity for Porsche and Omologato fans to come together from every corner and embrace the things we all love.”

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