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lifeline-oct16On show in Europe for the first time at the Professional Motorsport World Expo will be Lifeline’s new Zero 3620 Firemarshal, a further development of the successful Zero 3620 fire suppression system, designed to meet an increase in demand as more categories are required to use systems approved to the FIA 8865 fire suppression standard.

Lifeline’s new Zero 3620 Firemarshal offers exceptional performance, but offers a significant cost reduction when compared with the current generation of FIA 8865 approved systems. Zero 3620 Firemarshal meets the FIA’s demanding 8865 standard and has been tested and developed for use with unleaded petrol, diesel and E85 fuels.

Housed within a single, fabricated aluminium cylinder, it discharges into both the engine and cockpit. It is activated using the same Zero 3620 intelligent control box which continually monitors the systems integrity and internal battery, advising the user of any potential issues. The system is plumbed to both the cockpit and engine, using aluminium tube, connected using high-quality, lightweight aluminium compression fittings and is supplied with sufficient lengths of delivery pipework to ensure the best possible packaging within all vehicles.

The engine side of the system discharges 1.0kg of 3M NOVEC clean agent suppressant through one high-discharge outlet to quickly knock down the fire, which is then supplemented by two further coolant outlets, utilising Lifeline’s patented* dual-discharge technology. The system also has the added benefit of allowing two further coolant outlets to be fitted, should multiple areas in the engine bay need to be cooled down to help prevent re-ignition.

The cockpit side of the system discharges 3.0Kg of 3M NOVEC through two cloud-burst outlets, developed specifically to disperse the suppressant efficiently throughout the entire cockpit, quickly knocking down the fire.

“We took a significant step forward in terms of driver safety when we introduced the Zero 3620 system, and with Zero 3620 Firemarshal, we have made another leap,” explains Lifeline’s managing director Jim Morris.

“We can now offer a real cost-effective alternative to the many teams and competitors that require FIA 8865 approval for their fire suppression system.”

The system is now available and anyone wishing to know more, should contact Lifeline’s technical sales team on +44 (0)24 7671 2999 or

Lifeline Fire and Safety Systems are based at purpose-built premises in Falkland Close, Coventry, UK and have a worldwide network of distributors, whose contact details can be found on the Lifeline website

* UK Patent No GB2523902.

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