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wilton-classic-supercar17a– Tickets are now on sale for the UK calendar’s most exciting new auto event of 2017, Wilton Classic & Supercar – a whole new interpretation of Lord Pembroke’s high-performance party
– Taking place at the incomparable Wilton House, the new WCS puts a completely new spin on a car show and is devoted to ‘Celebrating the Stories Behind the Cars We Love’
– This unique event takes place over 3-4 June 2017, and explores the past, present and future of the automotive industry in inspired new interactive ways
– Aside from over 650 of the world’s greatest automobiles on display, there will be talks and debate, education and inspiration, coupled with music, fashion and culture
– Advance tickets – the same price for Saturday and Sunday – are now available to buy from and priced from £25 per day for adults or £37.50 for the weekend. With limited capacity it is sure to be a sell-out

Tickets for Wilton Classic & Supercar 2017 are now on sale six months ahead of the inaugural 3-4 June weekend. With Advance pricing around 15% lower than the Standard rates that will apply in due course, now is the time to book your slot at the freshest and most original car event of 2017.

wilton-classic-supercar17bHosted by Lord Pembroke at his ancestral home of nearly 500 years, Wilton House is the perfect venue for guests not only to see the greatest hypercars, supercars and classic cars, including the industry’s latest, but also to learn about the people behind them and the many amazing stories they have to tell.

Lord Pembroke has been attracting supercars to Wilton since 2009 when he held his first supercar fundraiser, but a lot has changed since then and, having taken a year out to plan the all-new Wilton Classic and Supercar for 2017, something very special is promised for 3-4 June.

As Richard Sutton, WCS’s new Event Director explains, “The new Wilton Classic and Supercar is a very big investment by Lord Pembroke and its new features are designed to fascinate and entrance enthusiasts of all ages from the moment they arrive. The biggest and highest quality supercar rally in the country will be one big cornerstone, but there will be a huge breadth of insight and entertainment all weekend. At WCS it’s all about what people do with their cars – road trip, playlist, invention, adventure. It’s not just a bunch of cars on lawns.”

Lord Pembroke has an innate love for all things automotive; from modified street cars to supercars, pre-war race models, Italian and Japanese sports cars and Detroit muscle, but his passion for the motoring world is all-inclusive. Anything but a car snob, this Bugatti Veyron–owning Earl is fundamentally interested in the designing, building and using of the world’s finest automotive creations, whatever they cost.

wilton-classic-supercar17cLord Pembroke says, “It doesn’t matter whether you have an exotic from the Vintage era, or a VW Beetle with a million miles on the clock, it’s the car’s story that matters at Wilton. So WCS 2017 will blend art and heritage with style and the love of speed and engineering. Our brand slogan sums it all up: ‘Celebrating the Stories Behind the Cars We Love’. It’s about the people who made – and make – automotive history”.

Wilton House has been home to the Earls of Pembroke since the Tudor times and is the perfect location for such a high-end event. Long-time regarded as the finest country house in England, Wilton not only has 21 acres of manicured gardens and parkland, but it also houses one of the world’s greatest private art collections. It’s literary history is stupendous, too, as the Earls of Pembroke were Shakespeare’s patrons. There can be no better place to tell the Story of the Car and on the weekend over 10 sub-events will provide entertainment and fascination for all the family.

Every one of these events – including the three core features, the Wilton Wow!, the Wilton 6 Nations and the Wilton 100 – The Concours d’Histoire, is being collated with the utmost care both from on-line applicants and specific cars and owners invited.

The Wilton Wow! is a gathering of 300 of the greatest supercars in the world – 150 from before 1990 on Saturday and 150 from 1990 onwards on Sunday; the 6 Nations celebrates automotive excellence and culture from around the globe in six dedicated national gardens and zones; and The Concours d’Histoire brings together a rich variety of models from every era with fascinating stories to tell.

wilton-classic-supercar17dCentral to the event is its all-new website which perfectly reflects the event’s focus on vehicles with inspiring histories. Written both by the public and Pembroke’s Players – a highly influential and charismatic core team of automotive experts – all are free to tell their stories to the world via the website. It’s a place where expert commentary and enthusiasts’ achievements combine. There are 20 Pembroke’s Players including the likes of Autocar’s legendary supercar road test editor, Steve Sutcliffe, adventure presenter, Tom Ford and designer Peter Stevens.

Advance tickets are now available to purchase online at and priced from £25 per day for adults or £37.50 for the full weekend. One adult ticket bought in advance entitles entry for two children (age 14 and under) for free. Further children’s tickets (ages 3-14) cost £10 for one day or £15 for the weekend. Under 3s always enter for free. Premium adult tickets cost £50 per day or £75 for the weekend and gain access to the VIP Garden Enclosure hosting the Pembroke restaurant and Tate Bistro, plus the right to a privilege parking upgrade and access to the House during certain times each day.wilton-classic-supercar17e

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