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Occasionally, we all come across an old magazine or newspaper and look nostalgically at the adverts. Look in classic car magazines from the 1980s and you might catch a glimpse of the contemporary AutoGlym offering, where a chauffeur is adjusting his tie in the glossy reflection of an Aston Martin – confirming the advertising strap line: “The World’s Finest Polish”.

When a client asked Byron International to broker his Aston Martin V8 Volante, it was delightful to realise that – not only was it the car which appeared in the 1989 advertisements – but that the original paintwork which adorned the car had sufficient shine to allow Gun Hill Studios to offer their updated version of the classic shot.

The original advert came about because of the friendship of the then owner of the car, Donald Flatt with the top man at AutoGlym, who asked to borrow the car. The chauffeur’s tailoring was by Gieves & Hawkes, while the contemporary version is more Matalan!

Byron International are offering this lovely Aston Martin V8 Volante for sale and it is a great chance to acquire a car with such contemporary provenance.

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