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j1000-renaultzoeWhilst being interviewed on Knockhill Radio at the Grant Stages Rally on 12th February, Ellya Gold from the eRally project announced that, as part of their promotion activities in 2017, their rally prepared Renault Zoe all electric car will be driven on 3 autotests in Scotland by Finlay Retson during the year. The first will be the Andy Wilson Memorial at Knockhill on 26th March 2017. This will be the first “competitive” outing for the car. Retson is the reigning Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge Champion and this move emphasizes the desire of the eRally team to engage “fledgling” drivers in the development of this “fledgling” element of motorsport.

During the same interview, Knockhill Director Stuart Gray outlined their enthusiasm to support the eRally project and in particular sees it as an extension of their own support for other youth products such as Teen Drive, Teen Rally at Knockhill and then Junior 1000 rallying.

j1000-retsonforposterDavid Barlow, Co-ordinator of the Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge also commented “This is a most welcome step to help Finlay and the eRally car take the next step in their motorsport career. We don’t know where electric rally cars will fit in in the future but the eRally team are doing a terrific job putting the technology to the test and finding solutions to making it work in the real World. It is a real joy to be involved.”

During the lunch break for the Grant Stages Rally,  3 display cars – a Knockhill Rally School Fiesta; a Junior 1000 Peugeot 107; and the eRally Zoe – were taken out on track to “pose around” in front of the crowd. Keeping order and driving the Knockhill Fiesta at the front was Rory Butcher; in the 107 we had current Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge lady driver Amy Mccubbin; and in the Zoe we had Josh Hislop, another Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge driver. It was all very orderly and the crowd were generally amazed at seeing a rally car whizzing around and not making a sound!!!

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