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faulkner-red-kitre17After nearly 4 years since last driving the car, Solihull-based Scott Faulkner and his Welsh co driver Dominic Adams took their Mitsubishi Evo 9 to Llandovery, Camarthenshire last weekend to compete on the Red Kite Stages Rally.

Following on from a very busy Christmas rebuild for the car, 6 slippery fog-covered stages faced nearly 70 crews who had made the trip to compete on the event – which kicked off early on Sunday morning.

“Apart from a 10 mile test, I haven’t driven the car since we had an engine failure back in 2013. I don’t expect to be anywhere near the front of the field today. I know I will be rusty and it may take a few stages to blow the cobwebs away! The aim is to get to the end of the rally with no dramas, get the car back in one piece and gain back the confidence we had in 2013”, explained the excited Faulkner in a pre-event interview with the Television crew.

With the weather on the morning of the event bringing rain and fog, Scott and Dom headed in to the first loop of 3 stages with caution. The first stage went really well, with Scott immediately on the pace of the other crews setting 6th fastest time, something he didn’t expect given his time away from the car!

Mid-way through the second stage, Scott could tell something wasn’t right with Dom his co-driver, as he started to hesitate whilst reading the pace notes. As they crossed the finish line it was clear Dom wasn’t feeling very well. It hadn’t slowed them too much, as another 6th fastest time saw them retain 6th place overall in the rally. With one stage left before lunch it was now down to Dom to decide if he felt well enough to continue.

During the road section on the way to the third stage, Dom composed himself, had a short breather and confirmed he was OK to continue in the rally. However, 1mile into the 3rd stage Dom once again signalled he was unable to read the pace notes and Scott now had to navigate the remainder of the stage blind. With thick fog to contend with, Scott managed to drive the rest of the stage from memory, dropping only 20 seconds to their rivals as they headed back to base for service.

Dom now refreshed after the lunch break was back on form for the fourth stage and the crew had a good run. Scott wasn’t feeling too confident in the high-speed sections of the stage, backing off a little, dropping more time to their rivals. An 8th fastest time through stage 4 dropped them to 7thoverall.

Stages5 and 6 were re-runs of the earlier stages 2 and 3 and Dom eager not to have a repeat of the morning problems! Setting a steady pace through the last 2 stages, with an 8th and 9th fastest time respectively, the crew returned to the rally finish 7th overall and 2nd in their class!

“I’m really pleased to have finished today, let alone come away in the top 10 and 2nd in our class!” exclaimed Scott. He added; “I really have to thank Dom for battling through his ‘hiccup’ this morning – he really wasn’t feeling well but he managed to soldier on and we got it to the finish and with a great results for the team!”

Scott would like to add thanks to the team; John (his father), Sam and Themos for their efforts running the car this weekend and the sponsors Professional Motorsport World Expo, Arnside Motorsport and Chris at C1-R for their continued support this year. They also have a new supporter on-board for 2017 in the shape of R3 Race and Rally Repairs based in Wolverhampton.

Looking forwards in 2017, Scott and the team are hoping to challenge for more results like this in the Welsh Forest Rally Championship; the next round, Rally North Wales, taking place on the 1st April based in Dolgellau, North Wales.

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