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Chui Lodge Managers Geoff Mayes and Suzanne Zwager experienced drama aplenty on the opening Rally Raid of 2017, beginning with clutch failure the day before the event and ultimately ending with a damaged radiator. In between the pair showed some impressive pace, passing no less than five vehicles in the first 35km of Sunday’s rally action!

The Kingsway Tyres supported pair had high hopes ahead of the new season, with some major work completed, including a new racing gearbox having been fitted to the V8 Raid car. However just one day before the event was due to begin a catastrophic clutch failure left their mechanics with a lot of work to do. Ultimately the original gearbox was refitted but the pair were forced to miss the first day of action.

Mayes and Zwager, who also received support from De Ruiters Flowers and Purdy Arms, began the second day of rallying last on the road, two minutes behind the other cars. Within less than 10 kilometers they caught their first rival! Unfortunately, just 39 kilometers into the stage, having passed a further four cars, including the reigning champion, the temperature of the engine started to climb. When Mayes stopped to check he discovered that the pressure tank for the radiator had cracked and was leaking water. With no way to repair the damage their rally was over. Mayes “disappointed really. This whole weekend has been full of dramas and we didn’t really get a chance to test our new suspension or the new BF Goodrich KO2 tyres. I must thank the organizers for putting on a fantastic route for us – it was fun whilst it lasted!”

The Silverspread Rally Team Meru supported duo will return to action in two weeks time when they run as an official car on the world famous Safari Rally.

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