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Dayinsure came to the rescue recently by bailing out a mother with a heart condition, who found herself stranded at home when she should have been on her way to hospital for an important operation.

The lady in question, from Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, was totally unaware of the existence of short-term vehicle insurance until the moment when she needed it most, but a cursory internet search quickly offered up a solution.

From there, Dayinsure’s standing as the UK’s number one in its field enabled her son to be added to her car insurance within minutes – and the pair were en route to hospital before you could say ‘Dayinsure It’.

“Dayinsure certainly got us out of a difficult situation,” she revealed. “I have a heart condition and I had an operation booked at the hospital, but I didn’t feel well enough to drive myself and my husband is disabled, which prevents him from driving.

“The only other person at home was my son, who doesn’t have a car of his own. A taxi would have cost a fortune and I didn’t want to call an ambulance because although it was serious, it wasn’t quite life or death, so we were trying to figure out what to do and that’s when we discovered Dayinsure.

“The ease of use and particularly the cost was such a pleasant surprise; normally it’s so expensive to insure a 21-year-old, but it turned out to be really affordable to put my son on the insurance to drive my car just for the day. It’s a great idea, and I’ve been recommending Dayinsure to my friends and telling people about it ever since.”

Dayinsure caters for a wide variety of automotive needs, from hospital mercy missions to borrowing a van to move house, using a mate’s estate car to go on holiday or even putting a sober friend on your insurance if you’ve had a few too many at the pub and don’t fancy getting a taxi home.

The company offers comprehensive vehicle coverage for as little as two hours, which protects the owner’s no claims discount as the policy refers to the person borrowing the vehicle.

There are no add-ons or hidden costs, and all policies are underwritten by two of the UK’s leading insurance brands in Aviva and Allianz, both of whom have award-winning claims-handling departments. In other words, Dayinsure’s 24/7 online service is the number one go-to place for temporary vehicle insurance cover.

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