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The past weekend saw Baggsy and his team return to Ireland in pursuit of breaking the unbeaten streak of the Irish, at the Irish Drift Championship. Mondello Park circuit has never been kind to Baggsy on previous visits, but armed with his new 800 bhp VQ35 Turbo Nissan PS13, Baggsy was ready to take on the challenge of the Irish.

After a solid two days of practice on Friday and Saturday, the day of the main event had arrived. The morning would offer one final practice session before the qualification process would start. With the new car performing so well and plenty of confidence in the set up, Baggsy gained an 8th place qualification result. This result gave Baggsy a buy to the top 16 where he would meet Peden Nielsen for his first battle.

Baggsy would take the lead position on the first run against Nielsen, but not far from the start line an issue developed with the car causing Baggsy to abort the run. Calling a 5 minute rule, Baggsy returned to the pits as the team frantically attended to the issue in order to get Baggsy back on track for the second run of the battle. Just making the 5 minute deadline, Baggsy headed back out to take the chase position against Nielsen. Both drivers put in a solid battle. But due to Baggsy having to abort the first battle and the advantage going to Nielsen, the day ended early for Baggsy.

Baggsy:  The Irish Drift Championship has never been an easy time for us. The last few visits have really tested us and it seems this visit was no different. The new PS13 V6 performed amazingly all weekend through practice and qualifying. The team and myself are super happy with the car, and know it has a lot of potential. But unfortunately a small issue popped up just as we were entering the Top 16 battles, causing us to be knocked out of the competition. As with any newly built car teething problems are to be expected, but we will be back very soon to show everyone exactly what the car is capable of.

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