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After the championship finals last year we took in the HSCC International Trophy, thankfully on the dry day of racing. The already packed schedule had been bolstered by an extra race from the Saturday and with the track dry, the drivers could unleash the full power of their historic cars. The schedule had a few stand out races with the Guards Trophy race as the centrepiece. Andrew Kirkaldy & Sandy Watson took their Chevron B8 to victory in that race and Kirkaldy took a solo win in the Pre ’80 Endurance race in Watson’s Chevron B19, another race to delight the senses.

The biggest noise of the weekend though came from the Derek Bell Trophy where Richard Evans (March 742) won on Saturday in the wet and then again on Sunday and a perfectly dry track. Richard Trott (Chevron B43) was another double race winner in the Classic Formula 3 along with Sam Wilson in the pair of Formula Junior races. The 90-minute GT and Sports Car Cup saw some superb car control in the Vale with the Cobra of Leo Voyazides & Simon Hadfield jaw dropping to watch but a timing error on driving stints saw them penalised and 2nd was the best they could achieve. Instead it was the Cobra of Robert Bremner, Daniel Bremner and Anthony Reid who took victory.

All in all another great weekend for the HSCC and a thoroughly enjoyable day of motorsport for us.

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