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With the drift season in full swing, this past weekend saw Baggsy taking another trip. This time to be reunited with his notorious V8 S13 in China. The city of Beijing would play backdrop to Round One of the D1GP China Series.

Stepping straight off the plane and into the drivers seat for the first practice session, Baggsy got straight down to business. First things first as a driver, you must complete a qualifying session to be seeded into the top 32. Scoring a 98.41, Baggsy took the 8th position and put himself into the main event. Next up the drivers would need to complete a second qualifying session to decide the battles.

A successful second qualifying put Baggsy in 5th place and gave him a buy to the top 16 of the battles. The D1 series use a combination of judges and a DOSS system (D1 Original Scoring System). With no clipping points used, the score is based on a line set by the judges plus large angle, high speed, steady engine sound and smooth performance. The quicker entering or angle turn on initiation helps get a higher score. Baggsy ended the weekend of his first Chinese D1 experience in 10th position, and hungry to get back for Round 2.

Baggsy: Round one D1GP in China was a great experience. Having the opportunity to compete in in a new series is always very exciting but always interesting, as you never know what to expect. Sharing the track with legends like Daigo Saito and Masato Kawabata is a dream come true. The V8 S13 performed perfectly even under the extreme Beijing heat. We got some great qualifying results and made it into the top ten of the main event. I cant wait to head back to China for round two on the hunt for that podium finish.

Steve Baggsy Biagioni 2009 British Drifting Champion. 2014 European Kings of Kings Champion. Monster Energy Athlete! #Baggsy

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