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Straight of the back of his return from D1GP China Series, Baggsy was back on the road again this past weekend. This time headed for the Tours Speedway in France. This famous half mile oval track built for the Nascar Whelan Series in 2012 would play host to the first round of the Drift GP European Championship. A demanding track layout featuring a 9 degree banking and destructive walls really would push the drivers to the max.

Back behind the wheel of his newly built Nissan Ps13 V6, Baggsy took full advantage of the practice sessions to dial in the car and his line of attack ready for qualifying. With two successful qualifying runs in the bag, Baggsy had put himself in a comfortable 8th place and was ready for the main event.

After battling his way through the Top 32 and Top 16, Baggsy found himself in the Great 8 with a true mix of International drivers. Juha Poytalaakso and Baggsy would go to a one more time after a charged first battle. But Bagssy pushed the extra bit, closing in on the Finnish Champions door taking the advantage and showing he was here for business.

Advancing onto the Final 4 it was the battle of giant. Andrius Vasiliauskas, currently ranked 3rd in Europe would make contact with Baggsy on turn two of the second run. The contact was determined to be the fault of Vasiliauskas giving ‘Baggsy’ a huge advantage and handing him the win.

A true heavy weight final was on the cards. Baggsy and top ranked French driver Benjamin Boulbes would go head to head for the top step of the podium. With little time Baggsy and the team would have to make repairs to the car due to damage picked up from the previous battle. The team pulled out all the stops and Baggsy was sitting on the start line ready to do business. Baggsy would take the lead on the first run, laying down a perfect line. The second run would see Baggsy take chase against Boulbes. Baggsy took close proximity from the start, but Boulbes would take a very shallow line on the banked section of the course forcing Baggsy to correct. Coming into turn 4 Boulbes drastically dropped speed forcing Baggsy to make contact. The judges would decide this was a disadvantage to Baggsy giving him the 2nd Place finish.

Baggsy: Round one of Drift GP was a great event. The Tours Speedway track was great fun and very demanding, getting to drift on the banked section was an amazing experience. Myself and the team are very happy with the way the new PS13 V6 performed over the weekend. We still have some developing to do with the car, but it is proving to be a very capable machine. It was great to be back on the podium, and we are very pleased with the 2nd place result. There has been a lot of controversy on the internet about the final battle and result, but that is part of the parcel with any judged sport. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support. Also a big thank you to my team and Abbey Motorsport for all the hard work. We are looking forward to round two in the UK.

Next up on the Drift GP calendar is Round Two in the UK.

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