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On top of all of this there were two separate Historic rallies too, each with their own battles and dramas. Paul Lietaer & Marc Noppe (Legacy) dominated the event and won by over 3 minutes. Behind though the battles were intense and it was Tom van Rompuy & Jens Vanoverschelde (M3) who took 2nd from Danny Kerckhof & Kristof Dejonghe (M3) after Erik Comas & Yannick Roche (Stratos) dropped 3 minutes on the final stage, whilst lying 3rd just 8s behind van Rompuy. Comas did hold on to 3rd in the FIA Historic Championship, with Ville Silvasti & Asko Sairanen (911) taking victory from Steve Perez & Paul Spooner (Stratos) by 29.3s.

In the Belgian National Historics there was an intense battle of the BMW M3’s with Didier Vanwijnsberghe & Paul Snoeck winning by just 11.9s from Robin & Bran Maes. Gunther Monnens & Claudine Deruyter (Escort MkII) completed the podium, just under a minute further back.

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