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Motor Village UK has just launched a new website, with a cleaner, more modern appearance and a greater user-friendly experience for customers.

The new site (, which went live this week, provides an easy-to-use introduction to the services offered by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ London-based flagship dealer for all of its famous marques: Fiat, Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Abarth.

Covering the two Motor Village showrooms and the dedicated service and parts centres at Marylebone, Croydon and Battersea, the website represents a huge catchment area, giving a wide spread of customers the opportunity to browse, compare and arrange test drives of FCA’s exciting new car range.

The Homepage features a showcase area displaying key models in each brand, details on used cars and servicing, a live Twitter feed with the latest updates, a current offers page and a newsletter sign-up button. A news and events library, careers section, and a contact information page are also included to complete the new site’s features, which will continue to evolve.

“This modernized website will be of even greater value to our customers,” says Rob Calver, managing director, Motor Village UK. “The easier-to-use website will include Call To Action buttons which follow the customer around the site, and feature a more personalized experience with drop-downs that adapt to each customer’s brand search.

“The site is simple, convenient and flexible with all our brands and all our locations, in one easy-to-navigate area. Our customers deserve the best in terms of product information, offers and promotions, and I believe that is what we are now giving them.”

The new site has been developed by specialist agency Visarc.

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