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Automotive Engineer, THE magazine of the worldwide automotive industry, is now part of the Kimberley Media Group portfolio. It joins Race Tech that has become the Bible of the motorsport engineering industry over its 22-year history, Historic Racing Technology and Track Car Performance.

Automotive Engineer stands alone in providing its readers with the most significant developments in terms of technology, products, testing and manufacturing processes while also giving the big picture in terms of market and business analyses and overviews.

Julian Buckley, who has a wealth of experience in editing publications on the automotive industry, has been appointed the Editor. The new look Automotive Engineer will be re-launched at the EAEC 17th European Automotive Congress in Madrid in early October.

As the Group’s Editorial Director, William Kimberley is very familiar with the magazine, having been its Editor from 1996 to late 2005 at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He is committed to maintaining the editorial content at the highest level, one that saw him win two important technical journalism awards during his time overseeing the publication.

“I am delighted and honoured that Automotive Engineer has come back into my life,” he said. “I loved editing it and being closely involved with the automotive industry through it and it’s a dream come true that we are now publishing it.

“Its editorial standards have always been exemplary and Julian is the ideal person to maintain that while we will also be giving the publication the Kimberley Media Group production values as seen on all our other publications.”

At a time when the automotive industry is going through a revolution with an unclear future, it has never been more important to have good, solid, dependable and reliable information as provided by Automotive Engineer.

For further editorial information, please contact William Kimberley – Email:

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