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– Watch Carfection’s Drew Stearne get into the cockpit of BAC’s Mono and sample specially closed roads and track on the Isle of Man
– An army of 12 Monos – the most ever assembled together – hit the island as part of a customer experience bonanza, and Stearne was at the heart of it all alongside like-minded enthusiasts
– The Isle of Man offers the perfect setting for extreme sports, and as Mono is the ultimate piece of sporting equipment, it served up unrivalled thrills that were captured perfectly on video
– Watch Carfection’s epic 10-minute film here:

Stearne was on the island as part of BAC’s Isle of Man Mono Experience, whereby customers and friends come together to sample the brilliance of Mono in idyllic surroundings.

A Mono Experience is all about offering a one-of-a-kind lifestyle adventure on the best driving roads in the world with like-minded individuals. It’s a chance to enjoy Mono the way it was made to be enjoyed, and the Isle of Man provides the perfect setting for exactly that.

It’s famed for offering the best driving roads in the world and is the perfect location for extreme sports. With Mono being the ultimate piece of sporting equipment, it thrived in its surroundings and served up unrivalled thrills.

Stearne’s was one of 12 Monos – the most ever assembled together – taking in the experience, as BAC teamed up with the Government to close roads purely for the enjoyment of mountain roads and also serve up a private track day at Jurby.

BAC brought 20 customers – representing 10 nationalities – to the island as part of a four-day bonanza, culminating in the group taking on the Isle of Man’s spectacular TT Course.

Naturally, Stearne was full of praise for both the Isle of Man and Mono, saying: “Having never visited the Isle of Man before, it was the single best first impression I could have hoped for. A gathering of awesome cars, de-restricted roads, decent conditions and like-minded people all enjoying a machine the way it was built to be enjoyed. What better way to enjoy Mono than on an island it’s tailor-made for? Completing a lap of the TT Circuit is an unbelievable experience in its own right, but to do it in a BAC Mono has been a sensation. One of the best driving experiences of my life, hands down.”

Mono Experiences take place throughout the year, taking on a number of scintillating routes around the globe as well as track days. It will once again head to the Isle of Man (May) in 2018, as well as enjoying an Ice Driving Experience on the frozen lakes of Sweden (February) and the Atlantic Road Trip (July).

Following the event, BAC Co-Founder and Director of Product Development, Neill Briggs, said: “What a fantastic weekend we enjoyed on the Isle of Man! The island really is perfect for Mono, and we are incredibly grateful to have the chance to give our clients a taste of Mono lifestyle in such idyllic surroundings. Mono Mania truly gripped the Isle of Man during our stay and we can’t wait to get back on the island next year and continue this annual tradition. The video perfectly captures the amazing nature of our trip and just how special our Experience tours are.”

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