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Following the introduction of their class-leading Zero 3620 fire suppression system, Lifeline Fire & Safety Systems have consolidated their range of onboard extinguishers and re-homologated their range of FIA Technical List 16 approved systems for 2018, in light of knowledge gained from conducting the higher-level Technical List 52 homologation, to which the Zero 3620 range conforms.

Innovations in nozzle design and deployment rate of the suppressant which the company had employed with the Zero 3620 range were found to be suited to other systems in the range and the decision was taken to extend the technology across the board.

“It was an easy decision to make, seeing the way the technology was improving the performance of our systems, but we knew we were taking on a mighty challenge to get the products homologated and into production in time for the 2017/18 build season,” said Jim Morris, Lifeline’s managing director.

“However, the technical department here at Lifeline have worked tirelessly to design, develop and approve this new, improved range of nine systems, to give the competitor in all categories of motorsport competition greater fire safety,” continued Morris.

In addition to making the resulting three ranges of systems possibly now the most advanced and safest available, the consolidated range means they also cover an even greater number of applications.

Zero 2000
Although this is Lifeline’s entry-level system, new nozzle technology gives better atomization of the foam-based extinguishant and the updated nozzle and delivery network configuration achieves much faster heat absorption and fire out capability.

Zero 360
The advanced nozzle design delivers a significantly more efficient distribution of the 3M™ Novec™ 1230 suppressant, with an increased density of concentration, ensuring extremely fast fire knock-down.

In addition, the remote charge version has been refined, with the remote cartridge integrated onto the side of the cylinder, offering improved packaging characteristics and reduced weight.

Zero 3620
The Lifeline flagship fire suppression system, which already conforms to FIA Technical List 52, employs Lifeline’s unique patented dual-discharge technology, delivering instant fire knock-down, followed by a second discharge which prevents re-ignition.

Firemarshal options
In order to cover every type of vehicle application, Lifeline will now be constructing the mechanical versions of any system (where available) with steel cylinders under the new Firemarshal brand, offering a lower price point.

Cylinder Construction
The company has also re-engineered the construction methods and material specification of its cylinders, which now conform to the stringent US CFR49 regulation, as well as the FIA Technical List 16 and EN3 regulation, having now been tested and certified to withstand six times the operating pressure, without increasing the weight or thickness of the cylinder.

Underpinning these developments at Lifeline is the company’s drive to increase its support for safety in the sport, borne out by the facts that more than 80% of UK motorsport competitors are now protected by Lifeline fire safety systems and that, this year, 74% of entrants at the Le Mans 24 Hours had specified Lifeline products.

Full details of the range of Lifeline fire suppression systems, together with a range of ancillary safety products and list of worldwide dealers can be found at

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