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Last weekend saw Baggsy take his last trip to the USA for 2017. Underneath the scorching desert sun of Phoenix, Arizona, Baggsy would lay down the smoke one final time at the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Joined by fellow Monster athletes Brian Deegan, Hailie Deegan and the Ives Brothers.

With a 70,000 strong crowd descending upon the 1 mile long Phoenix International Raceway, it was a perfect way to close the USA events for Baggsy this year. The #LSXR35 beast filled the Monster Energy pre show arena with tyre smoke during 6 demos across the two day race weekend. With a few VIP ride alongs also thrown into the mix.

With the Smoke Shows complete, it was time to head down to the infield for a private tour of Monster Energy’s Kurt Busch NASCAR set up. Its hard to grasp an understanding of what goes into a NASCAR team, until you get up close. And having the opportunity to experience it up close is truly awesome.

So with the NASCAR and USA demos done for 2017, the #LSXR35 will now make its way back to Europe. But its a quick turn around for Baggsy, as this week the team head to South Africa for the 2017 instalment of Monster Energy Gymkhana Grid. Carnival City plays host to the two day race event, and it promises to be another crazy weekend!

Baggsy: The last five trips to the US have been incredible. Putting on the Smoke Show for all of the NASCAR fans at Dover, Kansas and Phoenix has been amazing. There is so much energy at each event and the crowds make it so exciting. Monster Energy Monster Cup and The Duels was a crazy event, and was a great experience to not only smoke the tyres of the #LSXR35, but to judge The Duels competition too. And not forgetting having the R35 on display with Garrett Turbos at SEMA, was a dream come true. We have met a lot of new friends during our trips to America, and gained many new awesome fans. I truly am grateful, and can’t thank Monster Energy enough for the opportunity and experience. Myself and the team have had an awesome time! The R35 is all packed up and now making its long trip back to UK soil. But it doesn’t end there, this week we head to South Africa for the Monster Energy Gymkhana Grid finals. This will be my third trip to South Africa, and I can’t wait to get back and behind the wheel of my new 1JZ Mazda RX7.

Next up is Monster Energy Gymkhana Grid at Carnival City, South Africa. Make sure you check out the livestream on the 18th and 19th of November for all the action.

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