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– Ahead of Autosport International, Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) CEO, Chris Aylett, experienced trade show attendee, explains their importance
– Beyond networking with potential buyers, trade shows such as Autosport International are an invaluable recruitment source for engineers and others
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– Autosport International will take place at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Birmingham, from 11-14 January 2018*
– Autosport International is part of Motorsport Network’s UK title, Autosport – one of the world’s leading print and online motorsport publishers
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Given the increasing number of trade shows being held around the globe, and as the high-performance engineering world looks forward to another fantastic show at this year’s Autosport International, Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) CEO, Chris Aylett, has shared his experienced views on the importance and key benefits of attending these shows.

“Engineers prefer to meet other engineers face-to-face so they can better discuss problems, find solutions and agree to collaborate. Despite the place of technology in our everyday communications, the value of face-to-face interaction remains undeniable, especially for engineers. What’s more, trade shows give you a time-efficient chance to meet a large number of like-minded individuals in one place.”

“There’s no substitute for getting hands-on with products on show. Such close-up opportunities give engineers a better chance to appreciate their quality and design, so cutting out the need to travel widely to do so. The hands-on environment helps visitors to see, touch and discuss the solutions you’re looking for.”

“The wide range of exhibitors at trade shows such as Autosport International, makes it likely that you can check out your competitors, their product offer and even their pricing, if you’re lucky. This market intelligence is invaluable to your plans so you can get ahead of the game – but remember, they will be checking your offer too!

“Beyond showcasing products, meeting buyers and business peers, trade shows are also a hub of knowledge. Take advantage of the talent surrounding you and take time to learn all you can from those in the know. Set aside time to attend workshops and network events and get to hear expert views on areas of value to you”

“Of course, don’t forget one of the main reasons for trade shows is to sell. The easy bit is to book and decorate your stand, but you must invest time to make maximum impact on your targeted buying audience well before the show opens. Don’t leave anything to chance and don’t leave your promotional plans too late. Work hard and early to invite and attract the buyers you need to come to your stand. Pre-promotion, before the event is essential for success – your audience must know, before they arrive, where you are located and what you have to show them.

“With all of these opportunities, engineers will get tremendous value from attending international trade shows, as long as they plan ahead and prepare their programme.”

Autosport International is part of Motorsport Network’s UK title, Autosport – one of the world’s leading print and online motorsport publishers.

Motorsport Network is the world’s largest independent automotive and motorsport-related digital platform, connecting millions of people who love motorsport and cars. The network also creates key industry events including Autosport International and the annual Autosport Awards.

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