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Newly formed team G-FORS today announced the signing of its second driver, Jean Baptiste Dubourg. The 30-year old Frenchman brings years of invaluable racing experience to the team and will be racing the G-FORS Renault Clio R.S. RX in the 2018 FIA European Championship (EuroRX).

With racing and Rallycross in his blood, Jean Baptiste started his motorsports career at the age of 16 in crosskart, where he won the Andros Trophy Sprint Car nal in Saint-Die-des-Vosges that year. In 2012, he was crowned French Crosskart Champion and, the following year, won the French Rally- cross Championship for Super1600. Since then, JB has been racing the French and World Rallycross Championships, placing 3rd at the World Rallycross race in Lohéac in 2015 as well as winning the coveted Andros Trophy for the last three years consecutively.

JB commented: “I’m very happy and proud to commit to this new adventure with G FORS and their brand- new CLIO IV. Special thanks to Guerlain and Stephane who make it possible and I will be 100% committed to support them fully. I ‘am impatient to drive our new beast and discover its potential but I’m sure that we can ght for victory with it. I will try to bring all 1my experience and motivation to help the team and my new talented team mate Jere.”

G-FORS Team Manager, Atte Varsta, added: “I’m extremely happy to have JB on our team. He will be the ideal partner and mentor for our young up and coming RX star Jere Kalliokoski. With JB’s expe- rience of World RX and confidence of having been crowned Champion of the Andros Trophy three times, he will push our team forward.”`

Technical Director, Stéphane Orré, said: “We are proud that JB joins the G-FORS Team in 2018. I worked with him in Andros for ve years and we learned a lot together. We have always kept in good contact and we appreciate each other’s work.

The challenge is big for the team and the driver after his great results in Andros for the last 3 years. We want them to succeed in RX and that’s why the European Championship with the new G-FORS car is the right positioning.”

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