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Entries for Lombard Rally Bath were filled in three months, so now Mintex Rally Yorkshire – taking place between Friday 26 April and Sunday 28 April 2019 – will recreate parts of the iconic Mintex Seven Dales rallies of the 1970s and 1980s, as a non-competitive tour.

Minted Rally Yorkshire will be based at the Principal Hotel, York, which many rally competitors will remember as its previous incarnation as the Royal Station Hotel, where the RAC Rally was based for a number of years.

It will kick off on Friday afternoon with signing-on at the hotel’s Event Centre, followed by a period-styled Rally Forum, with a buffet dinner for entrants, who will be able to get to know one another. This will be hosted by Graham Robson and will feature the event’s star drivers.

Attending so far are Brian Culcheth, British Leyland and Dealer Opel Team driver; Jimmy McRae; other drivers who attended Lombard Rally Bath; Mike Hibbert, remembered for his stirring drives in the 1970s in the Clarke & Simpson Escort; and former BMC works co-driver Mike Wood. We are expecting Terry Harryman, co-driver to Paddy Hopkirk and Ari Vatanen. A couple of drivers from the other side of the North Sea have been invited – to be confirmed!

The Principal Hotel has kindly agreed to the various cars being displayed in their large car park outside the hotel – an attraction alone for anyone in York over that weekend.

On Saturday morning, the entrants will set off from York to visit a selection of former special stages, many of which have not seen rally cars for more than 35 years. First will be Harewood House, then Bowling Park in Bradford and a time control in central Bradford; Esholt Sewage Works will be tackled twice, either side of a coffee break at an iconic motorsport spot. Lunch will be taken near Bramham. After lunch, there will be a stage through Bramham Park itself, amounting to over four miles in length, followed by two more all-asphalt former stages close by, which will have to remain secret for now!

All these are former stages from the years when De Lacy Motor Club ran their iconic event. Indeed, thanks must go to the members of De Lacy Motor Club, for their assistance in putting Mintex Rally Yorkshire together.

All these former stages will be run on an entirely non-competitive basis.

Following the route’s return to York in the early evening, the Rally Dinner will take place at the Principal Hotel Event Centre. Again, our star drivers will be in attendance, plus other rallying personalities, to swap stories about taking part in former Mintex and Lombard rallies. Graham Robson will act as Master of Ceremonies, with assistance from Peter Scott.

As with Lombard Rally Bath, priority entries will be given to period rally cars, but classic cars and supercars will also be admitted. Entries are starting to come in already: can we fill the entry list in three months again!

The organisers are booking transporters to bring cars from different parts of the UK, at cost, to make things easier for entrants.

For more details on our events, please look at the two [–cZ3mz5KAyEh96VOXsxgkcGXcW94ufqNeHA==&ch=WM6uMssM62k1FNv6TMHNIjwz94ffaZGvrwIChPKgnSbfcZmw1U-3uA==] and [–cZ3mz5KAyEh96VOXsxgkcGXcW94ufqNeHA==&ch=WM6uMssM62k1FNv6TMHNIjwz94ffaZGvrwIChPKgnSbfcZmw1U-3uA==].

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