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The past weekend saw the Drift Masters European Championship descend on the small town of Máriapócs, Hungary for Round 2. A full scale drift invasion would take place at RabócsiRing, for what promised to be another action filled event. Thanks to its tilted bends, high speeds and wall surrounded layout. RabócsiRing would take no prisoners, and all of this would be witnessed by a five thousand strong crowd of drift fanatics.

After taking on quite a bit of damage at round one. Baggsy’s #S13V8 had spent the previous weeks in Poland being rectified by the guys at G Garage, with the SB Motorsport team putting the finishing touches on car before the event started in Hungary. Also teammate Nigel Colfer had suffered diff failure in Poland. Armed with the necessary parts, the team got the car back on form and ready for battle.

After a day of practice Friday, it was time to get underway with the 60 strong grid of qualifying. With RabócsiRing starting to take its victims early, mother nature would throw more drama into the mix by bringing the rain to the second half of qualifying. This would make an already dangerous and tricky track, even more unpredictable for the drivers.

After an eventful qualifying session, Baggsy’s second run would score a 76 putting him in the 21st position. Nigel Colfer took a 77.7 on his first run, putting him in the 17th position. With qualifying done and both drivers in the top 32, sundown over Máriapócs would bring heavy rain and thunderstorms leading into the main event day.

Saturday morning gave the drivers twin battle practice. The Friday night rainfall, and varying weather during battle practice left the track very greasy. The team were kept on their toes changing set ups for the unpredictable track conditions. Baggsy would suffer a power steering issue during the practice session. But with the team quick to react, the #S13V8 was back out on track and ready to go to war.

First up for the Top 32 battles, was Nigel Colfer against Cypriot driver Enver Haskasap. With nearly a million online viewers across three platforms, and five thousand spectators. The stage was set and ready for battle. After a phenomenal two runs from both drivers. The judges would award the win to Haskasap, unfortunately ending Colfers weekend early.

The Top 32 would bring Baggsy to the line against Polish driver Grzegorz Hypki, in his LSX V8 powered BMW E30. Baggsy took the chase position on the first run. Knowing Hypki was fast, Baggsy gave everything he had to put in a solid chase run. Swapping over, Baggsy took the lead position for run two. Hypki would make contact with Baggsy on initiation, causing Baggsy to come off line. But he would continue the run, getting himself back on the qualifying line and fighting to the finish line. After much deliberation from the judges, and a few replays of the livestream. They would award the win to Hypki, finishing Baggsy’s Round 2 journey there.

Baggsy: Round two of Drift Masters GP was another awesome event. I love the track here at RabócsiRing. It really tests you as a driver, especially with the continuing weather changes we experienced. The #S13V8 was back on form after the repairs from Poland, and I was feeling confident after Fridays practice and qualifying. We had a slight power steering issue on Saturday, but the team at SB Motorsport were quick to react and rectify it. Going into the Top 32, I knew I would have a fight on my hands with Hypki. He’s a very solid driver and his car is super fast. After my chase run I felt we were in a good position. Leading in on the 2nd run, Hypki made contact with my car. I had to make a correction after it impeded my line, but quickly got back into the battle. Coming back to the start line, I wasn’t sure sure which way the judges were going to go. Unfortunately for us, they awarded Hypki the win. It was great to be back in Hungary, and the fans were amazing as always. But for now, it’s back to HQ to get the new PS13 build ready for round three in Riga. I can’t wait!

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