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Duckhams, the iconic oil brand will be available through Fuzz Townshend’s Classic Oils outlet, based at Bicester Heritage, from November 2018, as the stockist adds to its ever-expanding range of lubricants for historic vehicles.

The Duckhams name is synonymous with British motoring heritage and was the recommended oil of choice for many historic manufacturers in period such as MG, Morris, Austin and Jaguar. The brand made its return in late 2017, after once again becoming an independent British company following its acquisition from BP.

The products stocked by Fuzz Townshend’s Classic Oilsprovide older engines with optimal protection levels, consistent oil pressure and reduced deposits and the team recommend that engines of all ages can benefit from the latest oil additive technology. Classic Oils will stock the entire Duckhams engine oil range for classic vehicles, including SAE30 and 40 monograde plus Q 20w 50 and Q 10w 40 multigrade. These will be available in both twenty litre pails, ‘gallon tins’ and handy 1 litre top up tins with extendable spouts for ease of use.

Also joining the range will be Duckhams’ gear oil products for differentials and gearboxes of all ages and designs including 90Z, 85W-140 GL5 and 80w-90 GL4.

Guy Lachlan, MD of Fuzz Townshend’s Classic Oils at Bicester Heritage says, “We are incredibly excited to be adding this well-loved brand to our range of products. The famous green oil uses a very high-quality base oil with optimum ZDDP levels and so will suit our customers who demand quality and reliability from their engine oil.”

Duckhams and Fuzz Townshend’s Classic Oils announced the partnership at the last Sunday Scramble of the year, held at Bicester Heritage this month where Martin Gough, Director for Classic and Motorsport at Duckhams was on hand to answer questions from the many historic vehicle enthusiasts present.

Martin Gough explains, “Guy and the team at Fuzz Townshend’s Classic Oils are the ‘go to guys’ for lubricants in the historic vehicle community and to have their expertise and enthusiasm for quality associated with Duckhams is very exciting for us.”

The full range can be seen online at and

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