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Otterburn military ranges in Northumberland always has a weather system of its own but the weather Gods decided to give the 97 crews a piece of everything from standing water/heavy rain to sunshine and snow, the event was hosted by Wickham & District Motor Club and Hadrian Motor Sports Club but thanks firstly must go to the band of volunteers out in the horrendous conditions today. Most crews including the front runners experienced issues with grip levels and some were luckier than others and survived……

We had a total of 11 registered competitors attend today’s event from the STRC but unfortunately only 4 crews survived the day.

Class 5 No eligible finishers,
It was Ian Paterson’s first time at Otterburn and just wanted to get a finish and to experience the ranges but in a cruel twist of fate he broke an engine mount on stage 8 ending his day.

Alan Wallace in the Evo was also a first timer at the event but a noisy diff early on in the day was the cause of his retirement on stage 8.

Class 4 No eligible finishers

Class 3
Ross McCallum put in a great performance in the MG Maestro taking it easy (as he says) to finish a very well respected 18th Overall and 1st in class.

We had the presence of Kenny Moore in the immaculate Avenger on the ranges but unfortunately after a faultless run over 10 of the 12 stages on stage 11 it was all over when the Avenger left the road unable to recover.

Robert Cumming and Robert Irvine finished 48th overall and 2nd in class in their first time on the ranges, what a baptism of fire it was for the crew, mixed bag of weather, spins, cuts, tyre pressure issues; it was a day the team won’t forget.

Michael Robertson didn’t even get to start the event as bad fuel meant the car wouldn’t run so back home on the trailer to clean out the fuel system and tank.

Willie Beattie was having a great day as well until stage 5 Riverside when running wide just couldn’t scrub off the speed and ended up rolling the car into the river, both crew members were ok.

Class 2
Michael Harbour took class honours again and proving he is a hard man to beat in his class, finishing 1st in class and 23rd Overall it looks very good for this year’s 2018 STRC title.

Martyn Douglas was hoping to maximise class points but unfortunately after a superb mature run all day in trying conditions he had an off at the flying finish on stage 5 and unable to return.

David McIntyre in the Nova kept the pace steady and finished 2nd in class and 36th overall.

Steve Irwin was an early victim of the standing water and went off the road on stage 4 aquaplaning off and ripping off a wheel, lucky not to roll the car and hope to see him out again soon.

Class 1
Malcolm McDougal took full class points in the STRC and finished in 44th overall taking some well-earned points towards his STRC tally.

Cameron Craig was on a high after managing to re-shell the 205 after the roll on the Pendragon earlier this year, unfortunately after 200mtrs of stage 1 the master switch failed, meaning recovery back to service, after a quick 10 minute fix the car was back running but unfortunately the officials stated they could not go back out, a very disappointed Cameron headed home, we hope to see them both out in two weeks’ time at Leuchers.

Overall Positions

Peter Taylor/Andrew Roughead Ford Fiesta WRC 48.38
Jason Pritchard/Phil Clarke Ford Focus WRC 49.04
Gordon Morrison/Calum Macpherson Subaru Impreza 49.40

Class Positions

Class 5 no eligible finishers.
Class 4 no eligible finishers
Class 3 Ross McCallum/James ralph MG Maestro 56.58
Class 2 Michael Harbour/Ian McDougall Citroen C2R2 Max 57.40
Class 1 Malcolm McDougal/Kyle Livingstone Vauxhall Nova 1.02.45

The final round of the 2018 Cobble Shop STRC is hosted by Glenrothes Motor Sports Club at RAF Leuchers on Saturday 10th November.

Keep up to date with all the latest results and championship standings at

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