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Following the huge success of FIVA’s annual World Rally for cars in 2018, held this year in the stunning rural scenery of Mid Wales, FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) has a lot to live up to in 2019.

But it might just manage it, as FIVA has announced there will be no fewer than three FIVA World Rallies in 2019 – two for cars and one for motorcycles.

All three of these events are open to classic vehicle owners from around the world who enjoy driving their pride and joy, not just members of FIVA. So get out your diaries and make a note of what could be your most exciting few days in the coming year…

22-26 May 2019 – Austria Classic Rallye
This 650km regularity run promises the spectacular scenery around Vienna, Burgenland, the Wachau and the Semmering region, and aims to show participants “the great architectural, geographical and cultural diversity of Austria”. It’s open to all vehicles built up to 1980 with a valid FIVA ID Card. See for more details.

27-30 June 2019 – FIVA World Motorcycle Rally, Croatia
A touring event for a huge range of historic motorcycles that will cover around 150km per day, the Rally will take in northwest Croatia (the 10th Century city of Umag and its surroundings), the coastal region of Slovenia, and Trieste in northeast Italy. The event is run by HROS – the Croatian Oldtimer Association.

1-7 July 2019 – FIVA World Rally, Andorra
A 500km touring event visiting Andorra and Spain, and featuring a concours d’elegance and static show, the highlight will no doubt be the dynamic driving experience high in the Pyrenees mountains. Cars must be at least 30 years old to take part.

“While the three World Rallies that FIVA is holding in 2019 are enormously varied (not least in the number of wheels on the historic vehicles!), one thing they all have in common is spectacular scenery,” comments FIVA President Patrick Rollet. “Austria, Croatia, Andorra… it’s hard to think of three more enticing European destinations for a few days of classic motoring, companionship and shared fun.”

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