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Daily Archives: November 14th, 2018

Get ready to take advantage of future developments in energy-efficient engines and low-carbon fuels.

Learn, experience and discuss with experts the future of increasingly energy-efficient internal combustion engines linked to low-carbon fuels in motorsport and discover “what’s in it for you!”

There will be plenty on high-performance electrification and entertainment from engineering data, but don’t demonise ICE!

Join us at the EEMS Conference at Autosport International in association with AVL RACING.

The mobility future is said to be all-electric. How realistic is this ambition and how can your business benefit from this change? Read More »

The initial entry list for the 2019 Roger Albert Clark Rally is rapidly heading towards capacity with 116 crews having placed deposits against entries for the 21-25 November 2019 event.

With just over a year to go to the start of the rally, 116 deposits have been paid and at least six more are expected imminently. Read More »