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In a positive development for motorsport, the European Parliament’s Internal Market Committee (IMCO) has approved a report concerning the review of the Motor Insurance Directive (MID), recommending that motorsport should not be impacted by Vnuk, an insurance issue that has been looming over the sport since 2014.

Vnuk is a European Court judgement that has been threatening the future of all EU motorsport. It ruled that member states must look again at how they enacted EU motor insurance law in each country; the court’s interpretation would require all motorsport vehicles to have compulsory third party motor insurance.

However, MEPs voted this week to approve the IMCO report with wording that excludes motorsport from the scope of the MID. This is an important step forward but not the end of the Vnuk matter.

There will now be a plenary vote in the Parliament on 13 February and it is anticipated that this will reflect the result of the IMCO vote. Then there will be negotiations in the Council of the EU, followed by a ‘trilogue’ process involving negotiations between the Council of the EU, the European Parliament and the European Commission. If all three institutions agree, motorsport will finally be safe from Vnuk.

Hugh Chambers, CEO of Motorsport UK, said: “This vote is another step in the right direction but it would be premature to declare victory in motorsport’s battle with Vnuk. There is still some uncertainty regarding Brexit, which could cost us our voting rights in the Council.

“However, the motorsport community can be assured that we are not resting on our laurels. Along with the FIA and the Department for Transport, we are continuing to work hard behind the scenes to ensure that common sense overcomes the threat from Vnuk.”

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