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In a landmark development for motorsport in Scotland, new laws have been signed permitting motorsport to take place on closed public roads, paving the way for prominent events like the Jim Clark Rally and Mull Rally to return to the annual calendar.

The news follows a lengthy campaign by Motorsport UK, the governing body for four-wheeled motorsport in the UK, for new laws to be passed, enabling events to now be staged on closed public roads in all four nations of the United Kingdom.

Today’s announcement follows a public consultation, launched by Transport Scotland in December 2018, which received unprecedented support from across a range of communities. Following the consultation, the Scottish Government Transport Committee scrutinised the proposed legislation prior to it now being set down.

The new legislation, empowering local authorities to suspend the Road Traffic Act for authorised motorsport, means closed-road events can now be staged across the whole of the UK for the first time. The equivalent laws were passed in Wales in 2018 and England in 2017, while closed-road events have been allowed in Northern Ireland for decades.

David Richards, Chairman of Motorsport UK, said: “This is fantastic news. Closed-road events help organisers take motorsport to new audiences and this legislation will create a wealth of opportunities for everyone associated with motorsport in Scotland; from competitors, volunteers and fans, to communities and businesses who will benefit economically from hosting local events.

“The response to the public consultation was overwhelmingly positive and a clear demonstration of the passion for motorsport in Scotland. At Motorsport UK we are committed to making our sport more accessible, in all its forms. For the first time, laws are now in place to allow closed-road events in all four nations of the United Kingdom, providing a wonderful opportunity to engage and inspire the next generation of motorsport fans.”

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