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The Junior 1000 Ecosse challenge had another spectacular event at the Granite stages at Leuchars, the event took place at St Andrews based course on the 4th of May. This event had something special about it as it was some drivers first tome out on the track or revenge was to take place.

Fraser Anderson had a point to prove from last month’s event as a mistake from the marshals cost Anderson time, and there was dispute if that had effect on the outcome as it was neck and neck at the time, however, this time there was zero dispute about the positioning of the table as Fraser Anderson/ Sinclair Young (Citroen C1) finished top by over 2 seconds ahead of Cameron Davidson/Ian McRae (Volkswagen Up). Davidson has had a stunning couple of races as he has gone from not having a fully functional car hours before the Condor race to having two podiums finished within the last two events. Davidson finished one position higher than last time out (2nd place) by finishing 3 seconds ahead of Jack hall/Robin Nicolson (Toyota Yaris) who had a good race himself, improving ever time he was out and putting everything he has on the track.

As Anderson came out top in Leuchars it wasn’t without a story as previously said about the confusion last time out, Anderson wanted to get revenge on the situation and come out top. This Motivation showed within his racing as he had a determined look on his face while driving and looked ready for anything, and this showed after the first two stages it was reported he had a mechanical issue, but it was resolved he kicked on from there. After the day had ended Anderson put a post-up on Facebook stating the situation he had throughout the day and admitting that his head “wasn’t in the right place”. Anderson did put this to one side and bossed the rest of the stages showing of his ability once more. The three podium finishers all put in a tremendous effort and made a good day for all, this is exciting to see the talent coming through the Junior 100 and what each driver has to offer.

A special mention goes out to Daniel Hurst who is having zero luck at the moment as the last 3 events he has had a problem with his car. In Ingliston he had a wheel that fell off, at condor, he was taken for an extra lap and, finally at Leuchars he had to be taken into service after not completing the first two stages. Despite this latest unfortunate event, he managed to get out and complete the day and set a time, let’s hope a bit of luck falls his way for the next time out.

There were only 2 none finishers in the event, Letisha Conn/Ian Crosbie and Oliver Hunter/ Michael Cruickshank. Both drivers sadly had to withdraw from the race, and both were disappointed that they couldn’t take part however now they are determined to be back out for the next event in Crail. Round 4 of the championship will be another excellent day to look forward to at the summer stages, Crail in Fife on the 15th of June.

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