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The days leading up to the Weeton Junior Stages saw the UK bathed in sunshine, with not a cloud in the sky. This was because the rain was being saved to be dumped on Weeton just before the Junior Rally started.

This event brought competitors from Scotland and England together for only the second time this year. Top seed, Rob Wilson & Martin Haggett set the pace from the first stages with a string of fastest times, while in the Scottish Championship, the regular protagonists were joined by Lewis Hooper who was registered in both championships, and fastest stage times were shared between Lewis Hooper & Sam Bilham, Oliver Hunter & Richard Crozier, and Cameron Davidson & Ian McRae, with only a few seconds separating them.

The Micra of Aaron Webster & Neil Jeffrey was an early casualty, as their car clipped a kerb, and suffered a bent axle on the first stage.

Cameron Davidson had another impressive drive with only one incident, when the VW up! slid wide and into a grass baking right in front of the spectators in the service area. He kept the power full on, and managed to regain the road without coming to a halt.

Thomas Johnstone and Ian Sheils had another impressive run in their Nissan Micra with only minor damages

After the heavy rain in the morning, there followed a dry spell which gave more predictable grip levels as the track dried, but this seems to lull the crews into a bit of compliancy and as the rain returned in early afternoon, stage 7 saw some more incidents. Rally leader Rob Wilson went off, dan and in t Jack Hall & Robin Nicolson went straight on into the undergrowth. The car was undamaged, but they were stuck among the bushed and missed the necxt stage as the car was recovered. They continued ,

Justin Gunning and Stuart McBride were going well until they took a wrong way at the split junction on stage ? costing them several minutes.

At the end of a dramatic day, Lewis Hooper won the event, and was top of both the Scottish and English championships, with somebody 2nd in the event overall and in the English championship, with Cameron Davidson 3rd overall, and 2nd in the Scottish Championship. Oliver Hunter was 3rd in the Scottish Championship.

This result consolidates Davidson’s lead in the Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge ahead of the final two rounds at Anglesey over the weekend of 23rd / 24th November, but it is all still wide open, with several drivers still in with a chance.

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