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The 2019 Gymkhana GRiD kicked off with something a little special for Baggsy. The Thursday press conference would see the premiere of Baggsy’s new film ‘Return To Driftenberg’. After the success of the first instalment ‘The Driftenberg Project’, Baggsy teamed up with St Supensions and Monster Energy to bring more smoke to the streets of Fichtenberg, Germany.

With cameos from Liam Doran, Andreas Bakkerud, Shane Lynch, Mareike Fox and even the mayor of Fichtenberg Roland Miola. The project would see Baggsy go on the run from the Driftenberg Police Force (Doran and Bakkerud). The four day film shoot took place in the centre of Fichtenberg, on public roads. Which sets it apart from most drift films on YouTube.

Three main road closures, 8 locations, 8 cameos and a Mustang chasing down the #LSXR35 make for a high adrenaline 70s inspired adventure. The town of Fichtenberg love it so much, that Mayor Roland Miola wants to make a town holiday called ‘Driftenberg Day’.

Behind the film was James Gilbert and Rikki Doughty, who wanted to try something a little different to the usual drift film. Along with a whole team of guys and girls behind the scene, the shoot was awesome and we are very pleased with the outcome. The shoot was rounded out with a meet and greet at ST Suspensions HQ on the Sunday for all the local people.

You can check out the final product below, and please feel free to share it.

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Return To Driftenberg

It was that time of year again. The tyre slaying, all action and crowd pleasing Gymkhana GRiD was about to go down. Taking over the vast PTAK Warsaw Expo Centre in Poland, this was the biggest GRiD to date! With a track layout twice the size of Gymkhana GRiD 2018, no prisoner would be held.

After narrowly missing out on a podium in 2018, Baggsy was back and armed with some heavy artillery. The #PS13V8 European comp car would be taking on the main Gymkhana GRiD competition, whilst the 1200hp #LSXR35 would be dealing with the fun in the Smoke & Style competition. With heavy hitters Ken Block, Daigo Saito and Petter Solberg in the line up, GRiD 2019 was looking to be awesome!

After the #PS13V8 had spent some time at ST Suspensions HQ being dialled in specifically for GRiD. Baggsy jumped behind the wheel and took 1st place in RWD seeding with a cumulative time of 3:11.337. But GRiD isn’t just about the racing. With some of the biggest motorsport media outlets present, and thousands of petrolheads in attendance. It’s a perfect opportunity to sign some posters, meet fans and give many interviews.

Media day over, it was time to take on the obstacle covered course, and race against the clock. With 5000+ spectators and millions of online viewers, the stage was set. Baggsy would take down Dominic Kouba after bagging a 3:17.227, moving him onto the Top 8.

With the sun setting and the clock ticking. Baggsy would throw down a super fast 1:33.010 first run, but unfortunately receive a DNF on his second run of Top 8 and end his competition weekend early.

Baggsy- It’s still one of the craziest events on the calendar, and Gymkhana GRiD never disappoints. After the last two years in South Africa, I was very keen to see what Monster Energy had planned for Poland. It was wild! The biggest GRiD course to date, with crazy obstacles and 100+ mph entries. After dialling in the car and learning the track, we took 1st Place in qualifying which was amazing. But unfortunately after going the wrong way on an obstacle in Top 8, I received a DNF ending the weekend early. But as always, it was great to catch up with everyone and share the track with fellow Monster Energy athletes Ken Block, Petter Solberg and Daigo Saito etc. The fans on Poland were great, and the atmosphere was perfect.

It was also a real privelage to premiere ‘Return To Driftenberg’ at the Gymkhana GRiD press conference. We had a lot of fun filming in Fichtenberg with ST Suspensions and Monster Energy. A lot of planning and hard work went into the project and I feel it has really payed off. I wanted to make sure we produced something a little different, that was fun, but still action packed.It was also great to have Liam Doran, Andreas Bakkerud, Shane Lynch and Mareike Fox onboard for the project, and to bring another level to the film. Make sure you check out the film on my YouTube channel, and give it a share.

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