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If you haven’t heard or you’ve somehow forgotten, the guys at SBMotorsport are building an epic 1000hp Nissan Navara-R, which will host the power plant and drivetrain from our original R35 GTR.

This build will be the worlds first Nissan Navara-R, with the fire breathing twin turbo VR38 and complete front and rear subframes from the GTR too. It’s a build not to be missed!

You may even have the chance to influence on how the truck turns out!

This will take place every month throughout summer 2020. First episode coming Wednesday 10th June at 19:30 GMT+1.

Following dates will include:
8th July
12th August
9th September
14th October
11th November

Make sure you don’t miss it!

All you need to do is to head over to Baggsy’s Youtube channel to watch, subscribe and click the bell for notifications on any new releases we bring you.
Tune in later TODAY (Wednesday 10th June) where we will be live at the SBMotorsport workshop with the CTRL team, and you can ask all the questions about the first ever Nissan Navara-R.

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