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We could have called this ‘event update’ but the above seemed very apt.

Originally this was written on Monday 4th January at 10am talking you through our plan for Jan/Feb however at 8pm last night it took on a very different message….

In light of the new 6 week lockdown for England we feel the best course of action for the good of the sport longterm and in fairness to all of you who are joining us, is to postpone the event to our back up date and roll entries over to then unless otherwise advised.

That date is 15/16th October. We can hear you thinking that’s a little while away (it’ll soon be here) but that’s very deliberate. That date is based around the government advising that under 50’s will only see vaccines around late summer time, this being the case that October date gives us all a huge opportunity to make something really memorable including:

A very special Motorsport Festival

A timed option for entrants with eligible cars and licences (existing entrants will get first chance on this)

At least one extra venue

The razzamatazz of the start and finish

Plus the thing that really brings the atmosphere, and that’s fans back on the side of the public road and test venues, this is something we class as key to what Revival is about as it brings that atmosphere which modern events sometimes miss.

We as an organising team have spent over 12 months putting this years event together and indeed one of the team has burst into tears this morning when we took the joint decision to postpone. It really means that much to them.

But perhaps more importantly we don’t want to run something that could cause public relations issue for the long term good of our sport.

As rally fans ourselves we ask that you sit tight with us because jointly we’ve got something really special to be a part of come October.

A personal message from Bryn

I wouldn’t normally write a note like this but in unprecedented times I felt it appropriate. To have one of our team in tears this morning was a new one on me, the effort and passion they put in to make the event really is truly heart warming.

Whilst we all need to keep a balance and remember the people fighting on the frontline of this shocking pandemic, we also need to be mindful of all those support structures that make our hobby happen who have seen no financial support for their equipment etc in over a year.

From venues, medical crews, radio crews, equipment, hospitality providers (and yes that does include burger vans etc) the list goes on and we all need to support them as much as possible when rallying can resume in a multi venue format.

It’s my firm belief that we won’t see any multi venue rallying with spectators until late summer time, and I know we can put on something in October that everyone will remember for the right reasons once more.

We will continue with the monthly newsletter and bring you both Revival news and some wider rallying news and send put membership cards via post over the next 6 weeks..

Our sincerest best of health to you and your families.
Kindest Regards

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