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The organisers of the Plains Rally, Knutsford & District Motor Club Limited, regret to announce the cancellation of this year’s event.

After carefuland detailed consideration, the Plains Rally, scheduled to run on Saturday 14thAugust, and a qualifying round of the Fuchs Lubricants Motorsport UK British Historic Rally Championship, Fuchs Lubricants RACRMC Asphalt/Rally2 Mixed Surface Rally Championship, Crew 25 Rally Championship, MRF TyresBTRDA®Rally Series, Pirelli Motorsport UK Welsh Forest Stage Championship, ANWCC Forest Rally Championship, SD34Stage Rally Championship, and 2021 Lion Cup, has sadly been cancelled. The current spread of delta variant CV19, and the ability to travel, is a major concern for the organisers. Most ofthe organising team are based in Northwest England, and while there are no travel bans in place, between Northwest England, and Wales, the current official advice is to avoid travel to/from areas of high infection.

The organisers have a duty of care and social responsibility to the residents of the local communities that our event passes through, and we feel that it’s important that werespect the official advice and nottravelat this time to conduct the necessary pre-event public relations work, which, on completion,would allow us to move forward to a fully authorised event. The organisers are also concerned that as delta variant CV19 continues to spread, travel restrictions,be they voluntary, or mandatory, would lead to a loss of entries and marshals, since we will be respecting official travel advice, we cannot expect others to ignore it. Equally, the question of inviting spectators to the event, was a cause for concern. As enthusiasts, our natural inclination, is to invite spectators and welcome them with open arms, allowing them to enjoy a full spectator experience. But, while spectators are enjoying that experience, the event organisers are responsible for their safety under Motorsport UK Regulations; while CV19 restrictions remain in place, that responsibility extends to ensuring spectators stay within their own bubble and maintain social distancing, we must also work within, and respect Local Authorityguidance to protect public health under CV19 legislation,and we simply do not have the necessary resources to achieve theserequirements.

It is hugely disappointing that we have had to cancel the event, but we take our responsibilities to the sport, the residents of the local communities the event travels through, and members of the public visiting these communities and forests, be they spectators, or engaged in other leisure pastimes, very seriously. With the help of NRW and R4W, the organisers had planned a compact route, utilising classic mid-Wales stages, all of which being in exceptionally goodcondition. We are incredibly gratefulto everyone that has helped us develop our event, and sorry that all theirhard work can’t deliver the event we were looking forward to. Our attention now turns to the 2022 Plains Rally on Saturday, 21st May.

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