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Spectators were back up on Epynt for the first time since 2019 as the Tour of Epynt opened the 2022 Protyre Asphalt Championship. It was relative new faces to the championship who drew the most attention as Ruairi Bell & Max Freeman (Fabia R5) stunned all the others with fastest stage after fastest stage time, to take victory by 44s. They belied their lowly seeding of no.12 but in fairness it was their first time on the tarmac stages of Epynt. Mark Kelly & Neil Colman (Fiesta R5) has gone joint fastest on stage 1 with Bell, but it was stage 4 that saw them get a 20s time penalty, which briefly dropped them to 6th overall.

Epynt stalwart Damian Cole completed the podium, with his daughter Chatrly calling the notes in his Fabia R5. It could have been different had James Williams & Dai Roberts (i20 R5) had not had a big off and time penalty on stage 1. They were on it all day and climbed back up into 4th place, 13s behind cole, with the 20s time penalty. John Stone & Rhys Stoneman (Polo R5) completed the top 5, just 16s behind Cole showing how well the Polo suits Stone. First 2WD crew home and 9th overall were Wayne & Rhys Jones (Darrian T90 GTR) over half a minute faster than the next 2WD crew.

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