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An excerpt from this month’s Revolution ( cover story, written by Will Gray

Grassroots competition is undergoing a major rebrand to help uncover ‘motorsports best kept secret’ for everyone. Discover how StreetCar can help your club open the doors to new participants across the UK.

It is fair to say that many motorsport categories are only for the wealthiest or most talented individuals, but there is another side to the sport that many people are often not aware of, one that allows you to compete in the very same car that you drive to the shops or take on your daily commute.

Grassroots motorsport is to Formula 1 what Sunday football is to the Premier League. It enables anyone to get involved in the sport they love without having to be a superstar or to re-mortgage the house, and StreetCar, a new campaign launched by Motorsport UK this month, aims to highlight this to everyone.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this brand new concept, however, is that it is not brand new at all! This has been here all along. It is one of the most important parts of the motorsport community, and StreetCar has been developed to help clubs show more people just how easy and fun it can be.

** “It is really, really important that we raise awareness of grassroots because to those of us who are involved, we know all about it, but that is not the case for many people on the outside.”
– Laura Cooledge, Club Development Officer at one of StreetCar’s first approved clubs, Anglia Motorsport Club (AMSC)
“Even for people who are involved in participating or officiating in motorsport or who maybe enjoy watching a bit of rallying or Formula 1 on TV, I think the perception is that you need a lot of money and highly specialised gear and equipment to be able to participate.

“StreetCar is based on existing disciplines that people can take part in using just their road car. These types of grassroots events exist, there are so many brilliant disciplines you can choose from and it’s the most accessible and affordable way to get involved in motorsport.

“A lot of people probably have everything they need to be able to participate, but we need a campaign like this to help break down barriers and perceptions and show everyone they can participate in motorsport. We think it is going to be fantastic for awareness and for bringing in the next generation of participants.”

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