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The team were very exited to get back to Oman for rounds 3 & 4 of the OIDC!

Once everyone arrived, the team gave the car a good check over and got ready for practice.

Baggsy got stuck into Qualifying.. on run 1 there was a minor issue of driving in the wrong direction on the new track layout…So there was a lot of pressure on run 2. The safest option was to put in a safe run to secure a place in the event. Baggsy landed in P13 with a solid second run.

Straight into race day, the car felt good and the morning’s practice went well. Baggsy’s top 32 battle was with Tymur Lypski. This has a one more time which Baggsy won and proceeded onto the top 16.

Top 16 Battles commenced and Baggsy went up against Ahmed Almri, he fought hard but didn’t make it through to the top 8.

Between rounds 3 & 4 the team ventured out to explore Oman!

First up, out into the town to meet the locals for a street parade!

Then out into the sand dunes with some of the other teams for some quad bike fun.

Round 4 kicked off with some great practise runs, Baggsy then went straight into Qualifying!

Baggsy qualified p12 and was ready for competition day!

Top 32 battles started with Baggsy against Abdulla Abdulla, and Baggsy took the win and progressed into the top 16!

Top 16 battle was Baggsy vs Andrius Vasiliauskas. The battle didn’t go in Baggsy’s favour and vasiliauskas took the win but was disqualified which meant neither driver got to progress through to the top 8.

The team has a great time over in Oman competing, and meeting all of the fans and locals.

” I just want to take the time to thank all our sponsors and the team at OIDC for making this possible for another year. Thank you to my wonderful team for all their hard work over the four weeks”

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