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AUTO - SILK WAY RALLY 2016 PART 2Following yesterday’s official Silk Way Rally 2016 podium ceremony in Beijing, the MINI ALL4 Racing crews have had time to reflect on the epic 14-stage rally that covered more than 10,000km and three countries in two weeks. Most have agreed that the Moscow to Beijing event was tougher and more demanding than this year’s world famous Dakar.

The MINI ALL4 Racing crews found the long days, difficult stages and hot weather conditions of the Silk Way Rally more physically demanding than this year’s Dakar. However, all were happy that the MINI ALL4 Racing was able to cope with all of those challenges, enabling four of the five crews entered into the competition to finish in a top five position overall. Read More »

AUTO - SILK WAY RALLY 2016 PART 2The penultimate Stage of the 2016 Silk Way Rally saw the MINI ALL4 Racing crews complete the Wuhai-Hohhot route. The 754km leg was mainly sandy terrain with fast tracks, but the dunes towards the end of the route were a challenge for even the most experienced drivers.

Speaking after their Stage 14 victory, Al Rahji said: “The Silk Way has been a good rally – we’ve improved a lot and have learnt a lot of different roads. The car is strong and performed well, that’s the most important thing. It has been a very hard rally and some of the stages were very tough. But, I’d definitely like to come back!” Read More »

Today’s 724km Alashan-Wuhai route continued east across the sandy deserts of inner Mongolia. A steady pace at the start of the Stage was quickly replaced by fast and tight tracks though the dunes.

The Russian duo of Vladimir Vasilyev and Konstantin Zhiltsov (X-raid Team) continued to demonstrate their consistent pace by being the top MINI ALL4 Racing team home today. Read More »

Mini Silk16 Leg 10Hot and dusty racing continues to cause problems for competitors in Chinese territory as the Silk way Rally progresses east across the Gansu desert region.

Tuesday’s Stage 10 (19-07-2016) was the last day an official stage result was given because today’s 609.66 km Stage 11 had to be cancelled. Support aircraft were grounded due to a sandstorm in the region. Read More »

The first two stages (St 7 and 8) within Chinese territory produced close racing over the weekend and also gave the MINI ALL4 Racing family reason to celebrate on Sunday evening after Stage 8, when the MINI ALL4 Racing crew of Yazeed Al Rajhi (KSA) and Timo Gottschalk (GER) took the stage win.Mini Silk16 Leg9 (1) Read More »

Mini Silk16 Leg6 (1)Day seven of the 2016 Silk Way Rally from Moscow to Beijing was one of calm inside the Almaty bivouac as the Silk Way Rally from being the official rest day. For all competitors it was a chance to catch up on some much needed sleep before the first week of long distance rally racing and tomorrow’s final day (Stage 7) of racing inside Kazakhstan’s before crossing into China. Read More »

Stage 5 of the 2016 Silk Way Rally from Moscow to Beijing saw the MINI ALL4 Racing pairings return to strong form after a challenging day of racing yesterday.

Today’s stage, from Astana to Balkhash, saw a reversal of fortunes though with three MINI ALL4 Racing finishing the leg inside the top four. There was also a change in early race leader. Read More »

Today’s Leg 3 of the Silk Way Rally signalled the start of demanding long distance cross-country rally driving. After the short but spectacular Special Stage of Leg 1, the five MINI ALL4 Racing crews were keen to show what they and their MINI ALL4 Racing were capable of from the start of Leg 2 (10-07-2016).

Read More »

The sixth edition of the Silk Way rally started in spectacular style with a timed Super Special Stage (SSS) to determine the next day’s Leg 2 starting order. The spectators at Kazan, location for SSS, were treated to high speed action as each competitor strived to beat the clock.

The MINI ALL4 Racing duo of Vladimir Vasilyev (RUS) and Konstantin Zhiltsov (RUS) were the first of the MINI ALL4 Racing family to roll up to the start line. They finished the early evening race in second position, just four seconds off from taking the number one slot. Read More »

Mini pre-Silk16 (1)MINI ALL4 Racing cars are set to compete for the first time at the Silk Way Rally. The Silk Way Rally takes place across some of the most spectacular landscape on the planet as this former trade route winds its way from Russia to China.

The sixth edition of the Silk Way Rally starts with a podium ceremony to be held at Moscow’s Red Square on 8 July. The race officially starts with Leg 1 on 9 July as the competitors head east to Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, and finish (Leg 15) in Beijing, China 24 July. Read More »