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It should have been a trip to Sweet Lamb but a change saw round 6 of the AWDC Safari championship return to Walters Arena. Adrian Marfell was excellent value all day eventually came out on top with the only average time of below 9 minutes, at 8:49. Greg Clement managed to complete 2 of the scheduled 9 runs under the 9 minute mark but averaged 9:07, to take 2nd place. The podium was completed by Mike Moran who averaged 9:14 after starting the day late for his first run. Read More »

A dank and dreary day in Walters seemed a World away from the weather conditions we experienced in 2016, on the corresponding weekend. Still the competition was more intense, largely due to a fantastic entry. The route was good too as the proportion of category one tracks used was down slightly and those used were frequently interspersed with more challenging sections. Chris Bird once again starred in his Milner Protruck with some entertaining driving all day, on full attack all event. Read More »

awdchill16 (18)In what proved to be poor conditions for the 2nd week running, in Wales, we went to Walters Arena for our first visit to the AWDC Hill Rally. Run to rally timings rather than a safari schedule the event allowed for multiple stage layouts and when a particularly muddy section just after J3 had played havoc with a number of runners, the route was altered and the crews had a new challenge. Sadly Chris Bird & Amanda Hammond missed a stage in their glorious sounding Milner R5 which pretty much left Greg Clement & Tom Aubrey (Lofthouse Freelander) as the class of the field. Read More »

awdcwalters16 (4)Back down to Walters for the first of hopefully three trips this year, for some off-roading action. The AWDC Safari Championship opened with a 37 car entry for the 2016 season, in unseasonably dry conditions. There was dust a plenty, even in the trees, but a few true mud plugging sections provided the technical challenge to temper the fast flowing forestry tracks. Chris Bird (Milner) was victorious by a comfortable margin from the glorious sounding machine of Adrian Marfell. Greg Clement completed the podium. Read More »

awdcwalters15 (3)In a break from recent years, the AWDC round at Walters, seemed to use very high speed tracks this year. With largely dry conditions, leading up to the event, there was a real safari feel as the dust flew behind the crews. With a bumper field of over 50 crews Chris Bird (Milner) once gain set the pace and was spectacular to watch throughout. A good days sport again in the Walters motorsport complex, albeit some more challenging roads would have been appreciated. Read More »

SONY DSCTorrential rain had fallen on the Saturday in South Wales and whilst Sunday was dry and pretty good for October, parts of Walters showed the weather’s efforts from the day before. We had true safari conditions in places with waterlogged tracks and bomb holes along with treacherous downhill sections. Chris Bird (Milner) was in fine form to take the win and seal the 2014 crown.  Andy Degiulio (Milner) kept him honest with 2nd place and the podium was completed by Steve Mitchell after some early dramas. Read More »

awdcsweet14 (142)It may have been a month later this year but our first 2014 sighting of the AWDC saw us back at the Sweet Lamb complex. With minimal rain in the days leading up to the event it was a dusty one and high speed too. The best part of 60 crews were present so it proved to be a hectic day of competition. After shedding a wheel last year Rick Mann (Defender) built his pace through the event to win by 25 seconds. Chris Bird (Milner) showed solid pace all day and pipped Andy DeGiulio (Milner) by 14 seconds after DeGiulio had been the early pace setter. Read More »

awdcwalters13 (1)After our earlier expedition to Sweet Lamb to see the AWDC after 5 years, we got our next visit in within a month as we took in the final round down at Walters Arena. The crews tackled a much longer course than at Sweet Lamb but still made 8 passes and after 6 passes Chris Bird (Milner) appeared to have the event in the bag. A timely excursion on the penultimate test saw him drop over 4 minutes to Andy Degiulio (Milner). With one run left to go Degiulio went faster than Bird to secure a 1m 39s victory. The podium was completed by Martin James (Warrior) a further 3m 40s back on the lower class 7i vehicle. Read More »

awdcsweet13 (127)Our first off-road championship round in 5 years and a visit to a favourite venue too, Sweet Lamb. This event was a bit more flat out than usual as the route used was primarily the rally stages but mixed in were some tricky quarry sections and mud links cutting between the gravel tracks. It was these quarry sections that seemed to create the most damage, with several broken suspensions and steering racks, during the course of the event. With 10 runs in total we saw a wide variety of action and the various sounds of V6’s and V8’s roaring over the Welsh hills made this a Sunday to remember. Read More »