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‘Ciao a tutti, It’s Bruno here. I’m sure most of you are surprised to hear from me right now, but I’m afraid I have some news that I wanted to tell you all personally. Unfortunately, Armindo and Miguel will no longer be competing with WRC Team MINI Portugal. Read More »

‘Hi everyone, once again – and for the last time – Max and Marco live from Neste Oil Rally Finland reporting you about the third and last day of the WRC Team MINI Portugal squad’s MINI adventure here.

‘Armindo, Miguel, Paulo and Edu already left the last ten minute service and they’re waiting to go over the ramp. It’s always a good feeling when a car successfully leaves service – especially the last one in a rally. Read More »

‘Hello, This is Max Pelucchi and Marco Moreiras again live from Jyväskylä, home of Neste Oil Rally Finland. Day Two just came to an end and it was a long day for the WRC Team MINI Portugal crews.

‘Our alarms went off pretty early this morning at 5 o’clock and we set off for the Service Park to start another day of MINI adventures. Today’s itinerary included eight Special Stages in the forest plus the traditional Killeri Super Special Stage in Jyväskylä’s Trotting Track, totaling 133,82km. Read More »

‘Hi everyone, And we’re back – Max and Marco again reporting to you about the first proper day of competition here at Neste Oil Rally Finland. The rally schedule kicks off a daily earlier than other WRC events so the action’s already started with three stages completed. Read More »

‘Hello everyone or ‘Terve’ as the Finnish say, Here we are – Max Pelucchi and Marco Moreiras reporting live and exclusively for you from Neste Oil Rally Finland, one of the most exciting rounds of the WRC calendar. It’s great to be back in Jyväskylä. It’s a city where you can feel the authentic ‘rally spirit’ – the Finns love rallying and the atmosphere around here is great. Read More »

‘Ciao a tutti’ and ‘Olá a todos, We’re Max Pelucchi and Marco Moreiras and we’ll be your hosts during Neste Oil Rally Finland next weekend, taking you behind the scenes with WRC Team MINI Portugal as we tackle a new exciting round of the 2012 FIA World Rally Championship.

‘For the first time WRC Team MINI Portugal’s columns will feature two ‘voices’, so that we can keep you up-to-date with what’s happening on both cars (and because we were fighting about who got to invite you to share the life of a No. 1 mechanic on event)! Today, each of us will tell you a little bit about himself, his career, his role in the team and what advice we’ll give to the crews for Rally Finland – let’s hope they’ll listen. ☺ Read More »

‘Hey everyone, It’s Tomo again this will be my last column here at Rally New Zealand. It was a great weekend for WRC Team MINI Portugal with both drovers successfully completing every stage! Armindo finished the rally in the Top 10 in 8th earning himself four WRC points and Paulo brought his MINI home safely in 17th place overall. Read More »

‘Hello everyone, Here we are again at the end of another day at Rally New Zealand with both cars safely parked in Parc Fermé ready for the start of the last leg of the rally tomorrow. Armindo is still in the Top 10, in 9th overall, while Paulo finished the day having climbed to 18th position. Read More »

‘Hi everyone or ‘Kia Ora’ as the Maoris say, Tomo here again! So we’re at the end of Day One at Rally New Zealand and it’s been a good one for WRC Team MINI Portugal. Both Armindo and Paulo made it through a tough day of competition with Armindo coming home in eighth overall and Paulo in 20th. Read More »

‘Hola everybody, it’s ‘Palmeirinha’ again!

‘Today at Rally Argentina I drove the longest Special Stage of my entire rally career, the 65.74km Matadero – Ambul stage. Of course I’ve driven longer stages in cross country but in a rally it was the fist time. The stage was really fast and I got so tired by the end of it, but – gosh – it was incredibly beautiful. I really hope it continues to be part of the itinerary of Rally Argentina in the future because it’s a really great stage. Read More »