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It’s three events down and three to go in Rally Team Venezuela’s onslaught on the WRC 2 Production Cup in partnership with Ralliart Italy.

It all started this season at Rally México, when Carlos Fessman, Alexander Gelvez and Alejandro Lombardo competed with their FIA North American and Central American Rally Championship team. Read More »

Ralliart Italia Oz13dAfter a mixed days for the Ralliart Italy teams of Carlos Garcia Fessman & Alex Haro and Alessandro Lombardo and Hugo Magalaes seem to have found their groove on Day Four of the Coates Hire Rally Australia.

Speaking with both drivers last night they shared the aim of having a steady run through today’s fast, gravel roads just north of Coffs Harbour in order to get through the six stages and make it to that final time control. Read More »

Ralliart Italia Oz13cFor the second consecutive day the Ralliart Italy crews of Alessandro Lombardo & Alex Haro and Carlos Fessman & Hugo Magalaes have had tough runs through the pristine shire roads of the Coffs Coast.

First up at the Coates Hire Rally Australia morning was the 50 kilometre Nambucca stage. Fast and flowing through dairy country, the stage was always going to be one that demanded respect and a conservative effort from the drivers. Read More »

Ralliart Italia Oz13bIt has been a demanding start to Coates Hire Rally Australia for Ralliart Italy and both of its Venezuelan drivers Carlos Garcia Fessman and Alessandro Lombardo in their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X cars.

Fessman and co-driver Hugo Magalhaes started the day very well and were feeling comfortable on the Australian roads. Read More »

Ralliart Italia Oz13aThe 2013 Coates Hire Rally Australia started well for Venezuelan Ralliart Italy drivers Alejandro Lombardo and Carlos Fessman in their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X cars.

The twice-run Super Special Stage (Coffs 1 / 2), located in the heart of Coffs Harbour city, was a short 1.60 kilometre mixed gravel and bitumen stage. The test isn’t long, but it certainly demands respect from those who take it on. Read More »

After a long and tricky rally, Carlos Fessman was jubilant to finish his first ever WRC Tarmac event in the top three of the WRC 2 Production Cup after safely completing every day of ADAC Rallye Deutschland in his Ralliart Italy-run Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. Following a difficult Day Four, Fessman was pleased to be fighting for the Production Cup win until the very end.

The Venezuelan was surprised by his own performance on Tarmac and pleased to be able to tackle the many and varying challenges the Trier-based event threw at him: Read More »

Carlos Fessman was pleased to hold onto second place in his Ralliart Italy run Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X in the WRC 2 Production Cup after an eventful Day Three at ADAC Rallye Deutschland. The Venezuelan started this morning’s loop locked between Ricardo Trivino and Marco Vallario respectively in first and third in the Production Cup standings. He finished the day in the same position, but his rivals had switched theirs.

First Fessman lost nearly a minute and half on SS9, the first stage of the day, when he stopped to help a fellow competitor allowing Vallario to move in front and dropping the Ralliart Italy driver to third. Read More »

After six tough stages through the ADAC Rallye Deutschland vineyard-based leg, Carlos Fessman still lies second in the WRC 2 Production Cup in his Ralliart Italy-run Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, having extended his lead over third-placed Marco Vallario to 45.9 seconds. Showing a steady improvement stage-on-stage, the Venezuelan was continually surprised by the challenges thrown up by the German Tarmac, but tried to adapt as quickly as possible: “It was especially difficult this morning when it was wet in places and the roads were slippery, but I tried to maintain a sensible approach. I don’t have any real asphalt experience, so I made a few small mistakes, but overall I was very happy to hold second in the Production Cup and give myself a better margin over third.” Read More »

Carlos Fessman took to the opening two stages of 38km on his first WRC Tarmac event earlier today at Rallye Deutschland. He safely completed both tests in his Ralliart Italy run Mitsubishi with a strong pace and reach the overnight halt second on the WRC 2 Production Cup leader board. The Venezuelan was pleased with his speed on Day One and felt he had a good rhythm, but understands that the rally is long and that this was only the beginning: “I had a good day. I tried to improve throughout, but it wasn’t easy, because I didn’t have the chance to do a pre-event test. I’m happy with my pace though. I know it’s a tough event with more challenges to come, but I’m delighted to be second in the Production Cup at the moment and very pleased to be representing Venezuela as their first driver ever to compete here in Germany!” Read More »

Ralliart Italy is delighted to welcome back Carlos Fessman for his third consecutive event of the 2013 FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). The Venezuelan will once again take to the stages in a DMACK-shod Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X prepared by the Milan-based team. However, this time he will tackle the German Tarmac on his first ever asphalt event in the WRC. The ex-professional basketball player will be flanked by a new Portuguese co-driver Hugo Maglhaes.

With three Production car World Rally Championship titles under their belt, Ralliart Italy is well-prepared to use their experience to make Fessman’s latest challenge run as smoothly as possible. Read More »