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Just 2 weeks after taking victory on Round 3 of the 2018 Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge, Johnnie Mackay/Gordon Reid (Suzuki Alto) repeated the success on Round 4 – The Summer Junior Stages Rally at Crail Raceway on 9th June. But they had to fight harder for the result. Going into the final stage – stage 5 – they were tied with Lewis Haining/George Myatt (Skoda Citigo) after the lead had swung back and fore over the first 3 stages – Haining by 3 seconds after stage 1; Haining by 2 secs after stage 2 and Mackay by 1 after stage 3!! But it was Mackay who took the advantage in the final stage and came out 2 seconds ahead. Another epic battle with both drivers giving it their all and crossing the finish line with their cars intact. Read More »

At the finish of the Kingdom Junior Stages Rally at Crail on 17th June, we experienced a first – a draw on total times. Ewan Tindall/Paul Hudson (Citroen C1) and Jude MacDonald /Michael Cruickshank (Skoda Citigo) were both on 56.06. But the tie break rule – fastest on first stage – put Tindall in first position.

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top3Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge competitors enjoyed another superb day on Round 3 at The Crail Summer Junior Stages Rally, Crail Raceway on 18th June. The dry hot weather did make a difference and that plus the quality of event laid on by Glenrothes Motor Sport Club meant we had the ingredients for a brilliant day out. All the young 14 to 17 year old drivers  took maximum advantage in their 1000cc rally cars and we were rewarded with 13 finishers out of 14 starters (this compares to 53 out of 83 in the Senior event)  We lost Josh Hislop/Ellya Gold in SS1 with gearbox problems. Read More »

After their win at the McRae Junior Rally Challenge in May, Finlay Retson/Andrew Falconer (Citroen C1) were certainly the favourites going into the first stage of round 2 of the 2015 Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge – The Junior Summer Stages Rally at Crail on 13th June 2015. But Peter Bennett (Citroen C1) from N Ireland was also pretty upbeat despite having never seen the venue before. Read More »

firstvassalloAlexander Vassallo (Corbridge, Northumberland) and Neil Colman (Stockton) put their past experience of Crail to good use to top the Junior podium on the second round of the 2014 Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge.

The 2014 Summer Stages Junior Rally on Saturday 14th June 2014 featured 4 stages of almost 8 miles each. Read More »

crailwinnersThe wee white Micra sitting at the head of the queue for the start of stage 1 of the Junior Summer Stages at Crail Raceway at 8.30am on Saturday 15th June – the 3rd round of the 2013 Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge – may have had “GEORGIA” emblazoned across the front of the bonnet but squeezed in behind the wheel was the 6 foot frame of Alexander Vassallo. The fact that Alex was there at all is a perfect example of total refusal to give up and the whole hearted support of others in Junior rallying. Read More »

juniorslineupforround1The Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge gets back in the groove at Crail Raceway on Saturday 15th June. After a 6 week break, when the young drivers turned their focus on exams rather than rallying, The Summer Stages Junior Rally has attracted a superb entry of 19 crews in their 1000cc rally cars. The Summer Stages Junior Rally is the third round of the 2013 Championship and is very different in character to the first 2 events. The wide open spaces of Crail Raceway favour a much more precise racing driving style and the drivers will have to make sure that they have prepared themselves just as much as their cars for the 6 gruelling tests  that they will face. Read More »

The Kingdom Stages Rally at Crail is the last tarmac rally of the season and is traditionally when some of the backroom helpers during the year get a chance to demonstrate their own driving talents. And so it was that a junior team from the Perth rally support team of G&M Mechanical Services entered the rally at Crail on 3rd November 2012. Read More »

On a day when only 44 out of 66 experienced “senior” crews could finish the whole course at the Summer Stages Rally at Crail Raceway on 16th June, 14 Junior 1000 crews started and 14 Junior 1000 crews finished. What a magnificent reflection on how quickly the youngsters aged between 14 and 17 are learning their craft and developing  the skill to drive in the conditions that prevailed when so many experienced people fell by the wayside. Plus the critical role played by the experienced co-drivers who have to tame all that energy and enthusiasm. Conditions during the day varied from bad to worse. Standing water was the headache on the first 2 of 6 stages and then persistent rain made the track more like a skating rink than a high speed rally stage. Read More »

For most Scottish 14 to 17 year olds, the highlights of the next few weeks will include the end of term, the end of exams and, for many, the end of school!! But for a small number of lucky ones it will be the prospect of Round 3 of the 2012 Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge that will create the “buzz”. The Crail Junior Summer Rally on Saturday 16th June will see at least 13 youngsters wheel out their 1000cc rally cars to compete on the fast, flowing and sometimes tricky stages laid out by Glenrothes Motor Sport Club on the old Crail aerodrome. The youngsters will tackle 6 special stages with a total mileage of 35 miles. Read More »