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Severn Valley 14aFairfield Motorsport will support the 2014 Severn Valley Stages (Saturday 31 May) by providing a special award for the best performance for a crew travelling across the Irish Sea to get to the event.

The organisers of the Severn Valley Stages have thrown out an invitation to crews from Ireland and the Isle of Man to come and sample some of the finest gravel stages in the UK. The Fairfield Motorsport Award will be presented to the leading visiting crew. Read More »

Titled the “Corbeau Seats UK ASEMC Stage Rally Championship in association with Fairfield Motorsport”

Corbeau Seats UK are to sponsor – in association with Fairfield Motorsport – the New 2012 ASEMC Sealed Surface Rally Championship.

Mr Vic Lee, MD of Corbeau Seats UK, said: “I wish the ASEMC every success with this new and exciting venture.”

Mr John Morgan, MD of Fairfield Motorsport, said: “It’s a pleasure to help competitors to experience closed-road rallying, with an event in Belgium.” Read More »