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With the country in the grip of Covid, last week the decision was made to either cancel or postpone the VSCC Spring trials to April.

Working with the current calendar of events we ended up with two trials keen to run but insufficient weekends to accommodate them. Read More »

After historic rallying in the morning the afternoon saw us travel an hour and a half South to East of Herefore for the VSCC Herefordshire Trial. With a total of 4 hills to watch we took in Dean’s Place, with it’s fiendish stop/start at the 13 post, before heading over to the apple orchard farm based Chandos test. With the most modern car being a 1938 Allard 2 Seater Sports the VSCC machines really are tested to their limits. With over 100 cars entered there certainly is plenty to keep the spectators entertained and thankfully most crews finished the hills before the wet and windy weather finally took hold. Read More »